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Scam Hybrid Programs
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HYIP hybrid SCAM
Status: NOT PAID
16% Daily for 16 days
launched: Oct 30th, 2012
Listed: Oct 30th, 2012
Blacklist:Jan 5th, 2012
Support E-Mail Support Form Support Forum Phone: Facebook page Twitter page
Support Rating: Bad support
SignUp Bonus: No
Minimal Spend: $15
Maximal Spend: No Limit
Referral: 10%, 5%
Withdrawal: Cashout Request
CashOut: Daily. Available Balance
Processed: 24 hrs
Min Cashouts: $5
Admin Fees: No fee
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Exgoldprofit site description

Exgoldprofit.com - Exgoldprofit

Our International team of experts uses proprietary technical analysis, classical technical analysis,econometritric analysis all crossed checked against daily political and socio economic factors. We work around the clock and our forecasts are double checked for accuracy We also post insightful commentary , analysis and key interviews and on the site each week to help you make money in the gold markets. We are everything GOLD In the Performance section of the site you can see how our daily spot forecasts are sent to you each day. We also forecast key gold stocks and indexes each week . If you look at the sample forecasts you will see how the forecasts are presented and sent to you each week with clear buy and sell signals. we also supply weekly updates on our trades Our forecasts are now being used by individuals and funds the world over . The testimonials you see on this site are real and our performance reporting is fair and honest.... Our Track record speaks for itself. Give us a try , if you are not 100% satisfied in the first month we will refund 100% of your subscription price..The gold market contains many players, such as the central banks and various organizations such as the IMF, as well as the markets, miners, and dealers. The author covers each of these players, and covers them in depth and detail. You will learn how gold is traded and lent between various players, how it is cleared, and how each major exchange operates.We suggest you to invest minimum for test.

Host IP Information

IP Location: United States San Francisco Cloudflare Inc.
Resolve Host:
Reverse IP Lookup:

Start Up : 1005 Days Ago.       Listed : 1005 Days       BlackListed : 1304 Days       Life Time : -299 Days
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What To Do If You Get Scammed. Simple go to the this program "SCAM report" page, leave us your Login and Password for your account on Exgoldprofit site. We will check your account and this program will get the "STAY AWAY" status immediately if you haven't been paid. We will also contact this problematic program regarding your problem, sometimes it helps... We guarantee the secrecy of your account information. It will be used only to analyze your problem. It will never be used for any other purpose or sold to a third party.
We have personally invested almost in all the High Yield Investment Program or HYIP programs. So be aware that a "Paying status" means the HYIP is just paying us.

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Very Bad

Comment Posted by: xxxxx@coastphones.com.au Posted at: Dec 25th, 2012 05:20 PM

No pay outs since 19th Dec. Contact cannot be made with Admin. It's gone!
Fake Vote

Comment Posted by: makemoneywithismail@gmail.com Posted at: Nov 27th, 2012 04:35 AM

Fake Vote - Banned for breaking rules!!!

Excellent site.. paying me 16% daily.. 7 days a week...

Users are banned for breaking the rules. If you would like the dispute this, appeal the ban politely stating what you did or did not do. At the staff's discretion, you may or may not be unbanned. Please don't complain about being banned, it is nobody's fault but your own.
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