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Listed HYIP News Updates
This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.
Oct-29-2012 02:14:16 PM


Due to Hurricane Sandy approaching the New York area, no US stocks and bonds will be traded on Monday and Tuesday. The official statement has been made by NYSE.
Since our operations are dependent on the US stocks and bonds, no interest will be paid on Monday, October 29, 2012 and Tuesday, October 30, 2012.
Interest payments will resume on Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.

Best Regards,
Marketing Department,
Felmina Alliance Inc.

GeniusFunds — GeniusFunds.com
Sep-8-2009 08:14:35 AM

We at Genius are committed to providing the best possible service to our investors. The following improvements have been implemented recently that I believe you need to know about.

Internal Transfer Option

Investors now have a possibility to transfer the funds that are available for withdrawal to other Genius investors free of charge. Transfers are instant and there are no limitations placed. You will find the Internal Transfer option inside your account menu.


As of this week, for your convenience, you may use StrictPay to deposit and withdraw funds from your investment account. StrictPay is an excellent payment processor that accepts wire transfers, ACH transfers and issues its own branded debit card.

If you have any questions or comments about the abovementioned improvements, or if you have any questions about our investment products, or the investment process itself, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at any time.

Best Regards,
George Schale
Genius Investments Limited

Customer Support Hotline
Tel. +357 25 025067
05:00 - 15:00 GMT Monday-Friday

Automated Account Service
Tel. +44 200 222 7598
24 Hours per day/7 Days a week

GeniusFunds — GeniusFunds.com Listing

lyonsuisse — lyonsuisse.com
Aug-30-2009 05:25:28 AM

After a myriad of connectivity problems and a subsequent ferocious DDOS attack, we have successfully migrated our server, and our website is back online.

All withdrawal requests to this day have been successfully processed. Although we do not process withdrawal request on the weekends, we understand the additional hardship brought to our users by the website being down for the past few days. For this reason, we will process withdrawal requests tomorrow Sunday, at around 8PM EST. Please feel free to login to the website and make your request before this time.

To avoid any further up time problems, we have stepped up our hosting solution by moving to our servers behind a load balanced cluster, and a brand new Barracuda Web Application Firewall to prevent even the most aggressive DDOS attacks.

To those of you that understandably wrote us concerned about your funds: WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! Our business is growing very strong, and we will continue to provide you with the same level of professionalism and security that our offline investors have enjoyed for years.

Thank you for being a valued customer of Lyon Suisse A.G.!

lyonsuisse — lyonsuisse.com Listing

Incoforex — Incoforex.com
Aug-27-2009 09:14:26 PM

Our official website www.incoforex.com is under massive DDoS attack.
Our technicains do it best to resist this attack. Also please note IncoForex has First Class DDoS protection Shield.
www.Incoforex.com is available now for the most countries.
If you can't open our website please allow up to 2-3 hours to refresh DNS and try again.
Thank you for choosing Leader in Online Investment Services!

Incoforex — Incoforex.com Listing

Yesicansurf — Yesicansurf.com
Aug-27-2009 09:10:31 PM

Today we have VERY exciting and important news for you !!

As most members know, there is a large element of risk to surfing, usually due to high %age rebates.
Many, many surf programs collapse after a period of time because, regardless of how honest an admin
may be, the payouts are simply not sustainable. We are determined NOT to allow YesICanSurf to collapse this way.

Most of you are familiar with yesicanshare.com, and many of you are members. "Share" is a profit sharing program,
and members earn 80% of company profits by MANUALLY surfing 80 sites weekly. You can take a look at YESICANSHARE
by clicking here:


The FAQs there explain the basics of how revenue shares work.(YESICANSURF will be similar to, but not the same as,
YESICANSHARE, as there will be several unique features.)

So here is our news: To keep YESICANSURF safe and healthy for many months to come, we (with the input of several of
our member leaders ), have decided to change it over to a revenue share program.

Here are the basic differences:

1) surfing will be MANUAL rather than automatic. This is important because YesICanSurf is primarily an advertising
program and it's crucial that our member's ads are seen. However, you need only surf 70 sites weekly, and you may
surf a few daily or all of them in one day. It's entirely up to you !

2) Members will be paid WEEKLY rather than daily, on a set schedule. More about the schedule later.

3) Referral commissions will total a huge 16% on 3 levels. Ref comms may be withdrawn weekly or they may be rolled
over into ad shares. Your choice.

4) Minimum adshare will cost $5 rather than $2.

Phil has been working 24/7 these past 2 weeks with Neversay, our Surf script creator, to make all this happen.
As all those in the surf industry know,Neversay's scripts are highly respected, and he has now developed a new revenue
share script which will be truly awesome. This will make the transition much easier for us, and with Neversay's help,
everything should go very smoothly.

All members will retain your same account/financial information.

Phil and Neversay are now ready to transfer the database over to the new script.This is a task with very complex calculations
that cannot be delayed. However, all data is recorded so nothing will be lost.

You can still login with your same username and password.
I am sure there will be many questions, but more details will be sent out as things progress.Once this is in place, you will
LOVE it, we promise, and we'll always be here to guide you, step by step.

We ask for your patience as we work to put everything into place.

Please note: Several members have requested PTC payouts. As Phil is completely tied up with the transfer, these.....and all today's payout
requests..... will be paid as soon as he is free to do so. We thank you for your understanding if we run a little late this
time only.

Have a wonderful day, and hold onto your hats.....it's gonna be an exciting ride !!! :))

Your Proud Surf Team,
Phil and Sarah :)

Yesicansurf — Yesicansurf.com Listing

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