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HYIP News Updates
Stoic-capital — Stoic-capital.com
May-6-2008 10:53:15 PM

06 May 2008
Pending withdrawals
Dear Our Customers,

Liberty Reserve changed their automatic payments system therefore The Stoic has to change the
system configuration to the same level of compaitability of Liberty Reserve system new

We are counting upon your confidence in The Stoic and grateful for your patience until all
pending withdrawals are completed within 12 hours.
We are sorry again for any inconvenience caused by Liberty Reserve system change.
Liberty Reserve — Libertyreserve.com
May-4-2008 12:26:57 AM

We have more than one solution in place, and are trying to select the most efficient one. Please rest assured that Liberty Reserve is going to be back up very soon as all resources and all available man power is being utilized to make sure we have the safest and most reliable solution. Unfortunately decisions of this importance can not be made on a fly and without extensive research. We are looking for a permanent solution that will prevent all future outages related to DDOS attacks. This process is slow, but very rewarding at the end. On behalf of all of Liberty Reserve staff I would like to thank everyone for your kind words of support and your patience.
Liberty Reserve
May-2-2008 10:55:59 AM

Unscheduled Outage

Dear mebers!

Out site is currently subjected to a massive ddos attack. We are taking measures to rectify the situation and will be back as soon as we are ready. We apologize for any inconvenience during this unplanned outage.

All best.
GoldenPathInvest — GoldenPathInvest.com
May-1-2008 06:41:21 PM

Liberty Reserve withdrawals requests are still pending.
We will process them as soon as Liberty Reserve restores normal activity.
Sorry for this inconvenience.
All other withdrawals requests are processed.
QXLSurf — QXLSurf.net
May-1-2008 04:26:14 PM

Please do not submit any support tickets, I am unable to open them, instead please contact me at jbtaylor@mts.net
DO NOT REPLY to this email, send to jbtaylor@mts.net

We have cycled all upgrades for the full 120%
I will be checking each account and if two or more upgrades
with same processor expired, will combine them. Have already
done this with a few accounts and will continue tomorrow.

Once all accounts have been edited, I will make a hardcopy and send out a mass-email. Will also post same on main page.
I don't anticipate any problems, but would ask everyone to check accounts when this is completed. The notice will be up for approx 48 hours, after which all accounts will be deleted.

All members who never purchased, or have already been paid if full will be deleted also, if they haven't been already.
As I said, all your details will be on hardcopy, you will not have remain a member to be paid, or meet a 50/50 to receive this.

We do not have a definite timeframe in which to payout all pendings, and as I mentioned before there is no guarantee
we will be able to generate sufficient funds to payout everyone in full. I have been able to payout members in the past, however the total amount owed was significantly lower back then.

The reason we will be deleting the database is we will be changing scripts (again). Since we purchased the current script, we have been ensuring all payouts were for the full ROI, but didn't edit the totals, and we certainly don't wish to restart with errors the first day. We have enjoyed the mass-pay feature for STP and AP this script provides, but other than that, it really does not meet our requirements.

Jeff (Admin)
Goldanizer.com — Goldanizer
May-1-2008 12:18:59 PM

AlertPay payment system is available now (2008-04-22)
We are happy to announce that we start to accept AlertPay as an alternative payment system for
all of our customers. AlertPay (www.alertpay.com) is an online payment system and is at all
times backed 100% by U.S. dollars, Also you can fund your alertpay account via credit card or
wire transfer.

Now you can deposit by Webmoney (WMZ) (2008-04-24)
Today we add another payment method(Webmoney but indirectly),
For pay us via webmoney please follow these three steps:

1. Go to PerfectMoney website http://www.perfectmoney.com and create your account
2. Fund your perfectmoney account by Webmoney(WMZ),
3. Come back in our site and select PerfectMoney as your payment method.

Their fee for deposit and withdraw WMZ is 1.5%, that means you will earn that fee after
maximum 3 days in our site.

PerfectMoney is a registered company in Switzerland with License No.
1267339-1-596918-2008-105548, they are acting as an e-currency merchant, please take consider
we haven't any relation ship with them, but we are their authorized customer.

Please visit: https://secure.goldanizer.com/nview.html for more information.
EstrellaFunds — EstrellaFunds.com
Apr-30-2008 09:41:08 PM

Our site is under extremely massive DDoS attack and as such we will be offline until the
situation is rectified. Please do not worry because our investment activities are as usual
behind the scene without fail.
FX-Interest — FX-Interest.com
Apr-30-2008 06:06:54 PM

1- Please remember to sign and send us the agreements as it takes time to get back you the full signed copy
of it.

2- Really sorry to say that we have to still wait for PayPal resolution but it would come soon. So please who
want to withdraw or deposit by this method, wait and be patient.

3- Our Moneybookers account is coming for next few days.

4- Other processors that you see in our website are also so good and you can try them. All are verifiable and
reliable, and have some features more than PayPal.Like SolidTrustPay, iKOBO which sends you a Visa Card as
well to withdraw your money from ATMs and shopping, AlertPay as all of you know it, E-Bullion with Free
transactions and Funding the account by CC or Bank Wire and....

5- Please be aware that for some hours our site would maybe unavailable because of Server Maintenance. Please
do not worry, we are here. You can still Deposit and Withdraw just by sending us a ticket, LiveChat or email
through this link: http://fxinterest5857wr.kayakotrial.com/index.php, Also you can chat with us: YM:fx_interest

6- Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any problem.

Have a nice Time and Enjoy Fx-Interest.com .

Best Regards,
Fx-Interest Admin
TradeLite — TradeLite.net
Apr-29-2008 11:02:38 PM

April 30, 2008 Maintenance of Tradelite is complete: Platform Security optimized

Tradelite Online Investment Platform® was unavailable during the past 24h. This was due to both hardware and software maintenances in regard to the installation of an addition firewall for our servers. Please note that some functionalities of the platform may be unavailable from time to time in the next couple of days.

If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused. In the meantime, our Trading and Accounts Departments are fully operational and Investment Income will be credited as scheduled in your invesment contracts.

BricsFund — BricsFund.net
Apr-29-2008 08:15:26 PM

Bonus promotion will end soon!
The bonus promotion will end in 15th May, 2008. Please feel free to create an accunt with us and make a first deposit on any of investment products! Catch the chance and get up to $100 Bonuse immediately.
QXLSurf — QXLSurf.net
Apr-28-2008 04:30:49 PM

AdPack purchases have been temporarily disabled.
More news to follow.

All Monitors that have QXLSurf listed as paying are asked to please change to waiting.

I am unable to view support tickets at this time.

If anyone has purchased an upgrade and it has not been credited, PLEASE email me at
BizToSurf — BizToSurf.com
Apr-27-2008 11:41:09 AM

(It's was hard to send this email!)

I was not online for many time today and i still have not complete the process of all pending payments, please read :
This is a sh** day, i got many troubles of connections, my internet provider was off for the 4 last hours, and i still have problems, i have do process only 50% from all pending payments ... 72 Payouts left exactly!
Please be patient, tomorrow (the next few hours) if problem persist i will control my website and logging to ALERTPAY/EGOLD/LIBERTYRESERVE at my friend or at home (i know it's Sunday but will do my maximum)
So please don't put BAD VOTES or BAD POSTS until Monday please allow me another time to complete the left of 50%

You know that ALEX (me) process payment within secondes, but no way today, this is out of my control!

Will come to MMG soon when my client can access to the website!
OGFund — OGFund.com
Apr-26-2008 09:29:04 AM

Aiming at stability - April 23, 2008

Dear investors,

The monthly review of OG Fund activities comes a little early this time. The reason for this was to inform all investors about how well OG Fund® was performing in an endeavor to stabilize daily performances and apologize for the inconveniences caused by the downtime of OG Fund® website in the last 48 hours.

DDoS Attacks
For the past 48 hours we have been under a series of colossal DDoS attacks, which caused the complete downtime of our website. We are now happy to inform you that we have solved these issues and will continue to work in order to prevent such inconvenience from happening ever again. We are also keen on developing new security features and pushing the safety level of our website even further.

Stabilizing daily yields
Over the past few weeks we have also adopted new strategies to stabilize the daily yield percentages for our investors. OG Fund® has succeeded in presenting investors with stabilized yields during the 15th, 16th and 17th of April (1.53%, 1.46% and 1.34% respectively), leading OG Fund® experts to the conclusion that April will most likely surpass March in terms of profit gain results. During this month the highest daily yield was accumulated on the 3rd of April (1.81%) and the lowest was achieved on the 7th of April (0.56%), indicating the lowering fluctuation rate for daily profits.

OG Fund® - an online investment platform designed for carrying out swift investments on a daily basis. OG Fund® offers a distinct absolute return driven performance fund that offers an always positive return on a daily basis.

David Sansom
CEO of OG Fund®
Lay4You — Lay4You.com
Apr-26-2008 06:16:25 AM

I'm sorry for the downtime, we're fixing our server and keep it safe.
After this week, all should run fine.
As I've told the days before,do not worry about surfing.
When the new server will be ready,I will make new terms and other improvements on the site.

So stay tuned!
If you're already a member, thank you for your patience.
QXLSurf — QXLSurf.net
Apr-26-2008 06:08:35 AM

Hi everyone,

I have been without internet access since yesterday morning, the technician just left after
replacing some of the hardwire.

I have a ton of emails and contact requests, so will take time to go thru them.
The move to new hosting didn't get completed, and I don't have all the facts yet.
A few of our sites: BabyDragonSurf, DragonProfitShareGroup, and InvestGuardian are being
DDOS'ed at this time, which is why our host suspended the first two sites mentioned above.

So, I will hold off on payouts until I get thru each and every contact/support ticket.

e-gold Wins Appeal in D.C. Circuit for Hearing on Asset Seizure
Apr-23-2008 03:55:47 PM

[Melbourne, FL] e-gold Ltd is pleased to announce a favorable ruling from The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in the matter of whether it, Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc., and Directors of both corporations are entitled to a hearing in the Federal district court regarding whether there was sufficient probable cause to justify seizures of assets from the corporations in December 2005 and April 2007.

The higher court concluded:

"In short, we hold that where the government has obtained a seizure warrant
depriving defendants of assets pending a trial upon the merits, the
constitutional right to due process of law entitles defendants to an
opportunity to be heard at least where access to the assets is necessary for
an effective exercise of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel."

The complete text of the court's opinion is available here:

Opinion for the Court, filed by Chief Judge Sentelle

This ruling will ultimately prove to be beneficial to all Americans whose Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights have been increasingly encroached upon in the name of fighting domestic wars du jour - whether or not they use e-gold.

e-gold Ltd, Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc., and their Directors believe there was insufficient probable cause for the seizure warrants at issue and look forward to finally having their day in court on this matter.

About e-gold
is an electronic currency, 100% backed by physical gold in allocated
storage that empowers people to use gold as money. e-gold is integrated
into a secure account-based payment system, operating globally 24/7,
featuring instantaneous payment settlement with no charge back risk, at
lower cost. Shopping cart, automation, and mobile phone interfaces are
available. Operational since 1996, e-gold has settled over 85M transactions, serves customers in 165 countries, and has a circulation of nearly 2.4 metric tonnes of e-gold.

Please direct inquiries to...

Press Contact:
Holly Pitt Young
+1 (202) 207-2854

All others:
Bill Cunningham
+1 (321) 956-1200 ext 127

FFG-Trading — FFG-Trading.com — FFG-Traders — FFG-Traders.com — FFG-Traders.biz
Apr-21-2008 01:37:55 AM

Apr 20, 2008, 04:07

Domain Name Issues
Once again we were forced to change our domain name. Our new domain is www.ffg-traders.biz. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Scam Warning Pathway-2-prosperity.net
Apr-20-2008 02:37:40 AM

Senin, 2008 April 07
Mobile : +62(21) 71000-530
YM id : mitravita
Email : mitravita@yahoo.com

Scam Warning!
Just to let you know that you are not alone in searching for anwsers to why this program has not been performing as advertised. I can almost assure you that no one in this program has more to lose than my wife and I. She is pregnant and our first child is due at the end of March. We are both self employed and are having to pay for the birth out of pocket.

I joined P2P with one thousand dollars and although it was at the time of the Peter uprising, we were able to make it through a 30 day cycle and withdraw one time. At that time my wife and I descided to let our savings account ride a month in P2P in order to max-out before Hunter is born so that we could be home with him the first few months. We are young and completly new to online investing but we trusted our sponser and had trusted what we had heard from Nick and Gary.

We deposited our savings of $23,000.00 into stp and then attempted to transfer it into p2p. This was December 20th and apparently there was a "system glitch" and our funds left stp in rddirect acct. but never showed up in p2p. Well we freaked out and contacted Martin, Stella and Gary. Martin took a week to respond with a generic e-mail. Stella was great but said it was a p2p error not stp. Gary on the other hand has been a tremendous help. He even called us within minutes of the failed deposit!!

Since that time, I have been in contact with Gary almost daily via PM and he has been wonderful about holding our hands but in all reality cannont help us other than pleading with Nick to get caught up and add our deposit into our account balance. At this point we have been prepaying the hospital for Hunters birth expenses but without our Savings account, we can no longer make payments.

I told me wife Kassie that we would either be very happy that Nick had funded our first child birth by letting our money gain enough intrest in 30 days to pay for the birth 100%, or we would go down in history as the biggest idiots to ever own a computer.

Now I know you are about to type "never invest more than you can afford to lose" and I know that now but I really believed in Gary, Nick and Kent's endorsements. We now have had the money not added to our account balance for over 45 days and should be worth near $44,000.00!!! The problem is that with not being in our balance, we cannot even request a withdraw.

We know that even when we would request one, it will be weeks at best till we would see any money.

I am just now posting this because I want other to know that we all have a lot riding on this company and are waiting very nervously to hear about what can be done to get us back on track. I know some will say that my wife and I are fools to trust so much and invest more than we can afford to loose but I am sorry, we did and here we are.

Others may say to ask for our account balance to be withdrawn and walk away, well at this point that sounds great but we can't even do that because a "computer glitch" will not allow us to touch our money.

The sad part of our frustration is that we love Gary, Kent, Stella, and we love reading posts in this forum. I can only pray that Nick will explain why things are not fixed and not let us down as it seem so many of you have been let down in the past. Poor Gary works his tail and off and does the best he can for all of us.

Sorry such a long post but this is really weighing heavy on our minds right now
Your friend in P2P
Priority-Pages — Priority-Pages.com — Priority-Pages.net
Apr-19-2008 01:57:18 PM

First of all, I would like to apologize for downtime since yesterday. It was a DDOS attack on domain name Priority-Pages.com.
We changed domain name to http://priority-pages.net
All login details for all members are the same as in priority-pages.com.
For contact requests you can use: prioritypages@yahoo.com
To continue with the site I`m forced to make a few changes since now on for the next 3 weeks, until May 9th. After this day all will be back to normal as it was till now.

Here are the changes for us to move on and succeed and balance everything smoothly:
1. Cashout button will be enabled tomorrow for this week and then every Friday as usual.
2. Cashout requests(more than 5$ for each payment processor) for tomorrow and then for April 25th and May 2nd will be compounded in the NonSurf Plan (3.5% for 40 days)
I`ll pay every week, till Friday May 9th, all amounts for all payment processors between 2.5$ – 4.99$.
3. Referral commission will be dropped to 3% for upgraded members. No referral commission for free members.

Question & Answer
Q. Will I lose my money?
A. No you will not lose 1 cent, even you are in profit or not till now

Q. Do I need to sign up again?
A. No you don't, your member account remains the same,.
These are the changes necessary for our program to run stable for a long time.
Please remember that all daily funds are send out to earn on-line and I have to await the returning funds more and more daily to be able to pay you full ROI in Priority-Pages

During this time I will need your cooperation and your support in forums. I don`t go anywhere. I need only few time to make money for you.
I know that will be some hubbubs in forums about this but I don`t see now a better solution to continue. I need from you, ONLY FEW TIME & YOUR SUPPORT!

If you have any question or problems please contact me.

Mircea I
admin Priority-Pages.net
FFG-Trading — FFG-Trading.com — FFG-Traders — FFG-Traders.com
Apr-19-2008 04:45:41 AM

Domain Name Issues
We are experiencing technical issues with our domain name and our website might be inaccessible. We are currently working to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience
You can access a FFG-Trading.com using this link
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