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HYIP News Updates
Executive-Ads Executive-Ads.com
Dec-23-2007 12:50:44 PM

All payments for 12/21 have been paid. Executive-ads will be observing the holidays the next three days with some well needed rest and time away from the computer. The following is the schedule we will be following.

12/23 - 12/25 Surf Bar disabled - Ad Purchases Disabled - No payments will be processed - E-Mails will not be answered.

I will be spending these next three days with family and friends. I will be sending a e-mail out on 12/26 to announce the future plans for NextDay90 and Executive-Ads. During the interview with Jake at ASA I mentioned the launch of a new program. The plans will be released on 12/26.

Thank you to all the wonderful members at both Executive-Ads and NextDay90 for your support. 2008 will bring many changes for the better. Enjoy your holidays. I will speak to all of you on 12/26.

Investment - Investment96.com
Dec-19-2007 08:55:49 PM

Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:36 pm
No news today.. don't have the refund list ready for you yet, but it will be done by Friday for sure. And hopefully before Monday i'll have an idea of how much we actually have to get started with again - its not going to be the full 70k or so just yet, as this 40k is going to take a while to arrive for certain... But whatever we've got we'll get going with for the time being.

I'll update you again tomorrow even if there is again no news!
But we're on our way! again.

Talk to you later

Dec 17, 2007 2:24 pm
Just to post a quick update - I am working on compiling the refund list today and then will try and organise that into a sensible order giving priority to the most recent investors and also to the largest and oldest investors with me as a whole... And we'll go from there.

There is for sure going to quite a few things missing from this total refunds list - especially the most recent of investments... But you'll see tomorrow the list and if there is anything missing - I'll let you know how to contact me and i'll add anything that needs to be added!

And hopefully next monday - or sometime this week i'll find out how much money we actually have to work with for the restart and I can then allocate the first couple positions in that and we'll get under way... I think its going to take some weeks before this $40k debt I am owed will come to me - so rather than wait for that - I think come January we'll start with whatever we've got to start making some progress and when that additional money arrives it will give us a huge push in the right direction and really get us going. But I am not going sit around doing nothing until then - we need to get started again!

Wonder if things will work out this time? Really hope so! And they should because now I have no specific financial worries / external reuirements that might require dipping into the fund. I well and truly have poker sussed and not losing more than 5% in a day is not a problem anymore (wasn't with i96 anyway). So you never know - we might even do it this time. But please don't rely on that - as soon as your in a position to withdraw profits from me... take out everything you can until your risk free... And only then start planning your riches / compounding plans... But first things first - get risk free with me and then its happy days all around.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Dec 16, 2007 4:44 pm

Okie dokie... firstly I appologise for the lack of communication the last few days - there are a heap of reasons for that (including, if you can bloody believe it - after all the bullshit we've had the last 2 weeks - my computer completely dying on me and requiring a format and total reboot (losing me all my data in the process). But yea, whatever.. unbelievable month for me and I have a cold now too... oof!

Anyway, so here is what's happening:

We are not accepting any new deposits until at least next year now.

We are going to restructure i96 and not so much take it private, but get it out of the public domain a little bit and separate ourselves from the likes of talkgold and all this "online hyip" bullshit. The minimum investment is going to jump right up into 4 figures at least (not decided on the final amount yet) and we'll continue from there with the same 5% hedge and more or less daily payment plan.

As you can imagine; i96 is a little bit broken at the moment; we're not nearly in as bad a situation as JP landed us in. But things aren't exactly perfect... can't say exactly the reasons for that; but lets say there were some refunds from JP that had to be completed this christmas... I did allow for this and had plans in place to see us through xmas & new year - but hyip investors being what they are were determined to stir themselves into a panic this christmas (like they do every christmas) and shoot themselves in the foot yet again which combined with all the bullshit hosting problems we've had the last 2 months + my unreliable internet connection + with my bloody accident last week has well and truly forced a change of plans for us.

But not to worry; its probably for the better this way actually... As we're getting straight back to running things 100% above board again and this time we don't have any outside influences to ruin things.

Anyway... I'll fill you in with the full details and stories some other time - here's whats actually going to happen right now:

1. After christmas we're sort of restarting i96; I have a heap of capital lying around (not sure exactly how much - but its a sizable amount of money + I have a big amount of money coming too me in the new year from a debt that is owed to me). So we'll have a big amount of money to kick start things with again.

(Note: That I restarted JP/i96 with just $2000 in capital... and in 5months before we got the carpet whipped out from under our feet, we saw nearly $100k in deposits. And this time I am expecting to restart things with nearer $60k/$70k - perhaps more. So things will be very fast straight away again. And also; watch the daily returns again; you might be surprised at how few 1%'s we pay now and how many 5%+'s start appearing again! This system really rocks when its applied properly! There will be a heap more loss days, but big daily returns will be a regular occurance yet again! If they ever stop; you know something is up (unless our total capital really is huge; eg 7figures+!) *hint hint*.

So we're going to restart, the minimum investment will be bumped right up - not that I am expecting any real investments for a while - especially not from any of you guys who are owed money etc. Although if you want to invest - its of course an option; and those who really know me - will know that its always a good idea to get in quick. But I am not asking for ANYTHING from you). I will fix this entirely from what i've got now. If you want to be clever and "USE ME" then thats probably a good idea, but its up to you.

So we'll restart by basically refunding in full 4 or 5 very big accounts; you'll see who they are very shortly. These people will have their full amount owed to them placed as an investment into the new new i96 or whatever we call it... And the only restrictions on those deposits is that they won't be able to withdraw the capital for at least the time being - once we're on our feet properly again they can do what they like with that.. but while we're in fix-it mode; they'll just be able to withdraw the profits. And I would advise them to withdraw those profits regularly... As you know what i'm like by now - so fucking listen when I tell you HOW to best invest with me.
(Every other investment with this "restart" thing can of course withdraw any time like normal)

So those people are getting what they ORIGINALLY wanted; and thats to invest with me and see big daily returns. Then I will setup a definitive refund list... This refund list will be your final balance at i96 (so all those "bullshit earnings" were not actually bullshit before you start moaning; you're going to see everyone of them and added to this will be any of your remaining refund due from JP... (The refund list will be added in a couple days; have a bit of a nightmare on my hands trying to update a backup version of my spreadsheet with all the latest balances + new deposits/withdrawals etc...) But i'll post that shortly.

But either way you'll see a refund list.

We'll be taking 20% of all future earnings from our "restart" and we'll rocket through the refund list. Paying the person at the top first and working our way down. If people want to speed up their refunds - then talk to me and make a deal with me; money talks! You make an additional deposit and i'll bump your refund all the way up until the person who's made a better deal with me... This might look shady / unfair - but actually its in everyones best interests. As the more money we're working with; the bigger the commissions we'll see that go towards refunds as a whole and so on.

How The Refunds Will Work:

1. We'll pay the person at the top of the list on a daily basis - credited as a new account in the "restart" program... Once this balance is built up to complete their refund - they must leave that balance with the new "restart program" for 30days (during this time and at all times they can of course withdraw the daily profits). And after 30days they can withdraw everything at their own discression and no hard feelings.

Unlike I96... we're refunding essentially ONE person at a time.. No bullshit $2 accounts or anything like that. One person gets refunded, once done, move onto the next one. (might do two people at a time, but you get the idea). Want to complete one person, then move on to the next one.

The first "BIG" people to get refunded - we'll see when its pheasable to allow you to withdraw all your principal should you wish to do so... As without a big amount of capital to work with - the rest of the refunds will be super slow - and im expecting as good as zero new deposits... So kinda need your capital... but in return for paying your refund first - even though its locked away for a while - you get the full advantage of the daily returns / profits that you can withdraw daily/whatever. So I think that's fair.

While you're waiting for your refunds:

While people are waiting for their refunds to be paid / transferred into the new program you will earn interest on your due balances at the rate of 1% per 7days. So if it takes a year to refund you; which I don't think it will - you'll see a very good return on your investment all on its own! So you're money isn't sitting doing nothing - its making you money even while its trying to find itself!

I know its all talk at the moment and you've heard all this bullshit from me before - but this is how its going to work... I am not asking a single thing from you except for a little bit more patience and i WILL return a very big profit on every investment that you have made with me (sooner or later!).

** For the moment please hold all questions & comments until I post the first 5accounts or whatever it works out to be (depending on the capital we actually have/get) and present you with the refund list. (If there are any errors with the refund list; you think you are owed more/less or whatever - the opportunity to contact me will be there and i will correct that for you.

I will be back on Friday I expect (maybe the weekend) with the refund list + further news!
And i'll provide you with some contact details then should you wish to discuss things further.

Here we go again!
Perseverence has got to pay eventually.

Cashing-N-Surf Cashing-n-surf.com
Dec-19-2007 09:15:02 AM

Some things need to change! FOR ME ANYWAY!
These are the very things I did not want to happen with my sites. I do not want to be so pressured that I cannot serve my members, I
have a life outside these sites.
I love these sites.
I think I have more than proven my self time and time again.
I had been up for 3 days until last night trying to get all the egold members information straight plus take care of the regular
business for the site, weed out thieves and everything else!

One of my grandsons has a birthday party this afternoon and I'M GOING!

Now, I do not know what has all of you so spooked why I am getting so many emails but I'm tired of it. I have had and still have
enough havock with Egold blocking my account and trying to get all that info straight! I do not NEED any more!

They DID NOT block my account because of being a SCAMMER. It could be any one of your accounts at any time. NOT JUST MINE! I've been
telling you all for months it could happen and warning all of you. I sit back here and have seen members accounts blocked. Nice
people that ARE NOT SCAMMERS. I knew what was happening. It is not my fault some of you did not listen. THEY DO NOT LIKE SURF SITES!

You would THINK the members with Egold upgrades would be THANKFUL that I am TRYING to pay them after having WARNED them! Most sites
would have said, "Uh! Oh! TOO BAD! I warned you to stop using Egold!" I didn't SAY that! Why? Because I AM an honest person and have
been doing everything HUMANLY possible to take care of them. BUT that's NOT ENOUGH for them. No. they are mad because I did or have

I have been diligent. I have been honest. I have ALWAYS paid everyone of you on time! AND within 24 hours which is NOT in the terms
AT ALL! What do I get in return?

Now, first of all, I am not GOD!
I do payouts for 3 sites (sometimes before I even get MY investments back!), exchange investments to various processors, try to help
other admins, manual upgrades that do not go through auto, answer emails for 3 sites, try to search for information to pay people
with egold pendings,
deal with script changes, support tickets on 2 sites, HAD been trying to do exchanges for members trying to fund other processors,
try to get to the forums so the SPOOKY members won't tkink I have disappeared, been paying someone to feed my chickens!

It's just been crazy for me! There are GOING to be some CHANGES around here! It is NOT going to be like this for ME any longer.

*I'm not answering any more "Why you not pay me" Egold members emails.
*There are NOT GOING TO BE ANYMORE FEE FREE DAYS! (I have to reset those at all 3 sites and stay up to do it)

I have treated everyone of you with respect, tried to meet your needs and tried to make sure you were paid QUICKLY even BEFORE I get
the return from your investment into my processor accounts.

I am not going to be abused or disrespected. I do not deserve it. Have never done ANYTHING to deserve it.

From now on these sites are going to be ran like a business SHOULD be!

You know, some of you are really nice people and I really enjoy talking to you but some of you can hit the road as far as I'm

That's all I have to say about it. If you want someone that will work hard to do the best job they can you'll stay and if not well,
take your money somewhere else and see what they will do for you.

GoodMorningSurf - GoodMorningSurf.com
Dec-19-2007 09:12:29 AM

I have changed the terms again... I have opened cash outs from 1 to 2 cash outs per week until I can get the pendings done from the
13th to the 15th. I am working very hard for your trust.. I want to open a Yahoo chat for all members to chat with me. I am setting a
date for December 21st 2007 at 6:00pm Eastern Time.. All is invited!!!

Add me now to your yahoo "john_livings2003"

We will go over how I am doing with the site, the rumors going around and much more.. Plus I will be giving away free upgrades and
credits every 10 minutes during the chat..

Hope to see you there and don't forget to post when you get Paid

John Livings
All Day Network
Incomesurfer - Incomesurfer.com
Dec-18-2007 07:44:13 AM

We have completed the script change and it seems all is good now.
Some things to note. We now offer more processors for your use.
1) E-Gold
2) Alert Pay - verified
3) Solid Trust Pay - verified
4) Liberty Reserve
5) V Money
6) Virtual Global Bank

You can now request payout any day up to 4 in a calender month. however they will only be processed the following
Wednesday. Example requests made Sunday to Saturday will be paid the following Wednesday.
50/50 rule is still in effect this means that you need yo upgrade at least 50% the day you place the cash out
request. If this is not done the request will be canceled.
Alert Pay and STP have a minimum of 6.00 or 3 units per buy. If you have upgraded with these in the past you will
need to cash out to these. If you wish to change to a different method you must upgrade at least 100% of the amount to
cash out to the new processor and a fee of 10% will be charged. This is due to the fees it will cost us to convert the
If you have upgraded with e-gold or liberty Reserve and wish to cash out to AlertPay or STP Please contact me first.
I have adjusted most accounts that had account balances. However I am only human, Please check your account and see if
it is correct. You can see the days surfed and how many pages. Do not look if it says credited today as that was the
old script that had that. Look at the upgrades you made * daily roi * number of days. Now if you have not surfed and
an upgrade expired due to you not surfing that is not our faut. This does not mean i am saying people did not surf
when they did.
Stats for surfing will ow be available for the past 30 days from today forward. Old stats will show for only 10 days.
You can see that i may not have been the most communicative admin but i have been working to fix things and not just
running. at first sign of trouble.
Please Show your support and hep the site grow. A positive member base along with a positive admin will help promote
a positive site.
Please feel free to contact me with any issues or ways to make things better here.

AttractiveAds - AttractiveAds.net
Dec-14-2007 05:03:16 PM

I hope you are having a nice day and don't forget to request cashout as today is Friday :)

1) I just saw a lot of useless credits in many members' account, so this will be a good chance for you to advertise
your business/site. From now on every upgraded members can advertise up to 4 sites into the surf rotator. Please check
the PTC area frequently, you may earn extra credits by clicking our advertiser's banner there.

2) Since the max 6 active upgrades feature has been implemented, there are many members upgraded up to 5-6 active
upgrades. This shows positive confidence for AttractiveAds and thank you for every member who has supported the
program. Along this holiday season, you may to try the No-Surf plan in case you won't be able online later.

3) There is no upgrade fee from Dec 10th, 2007 until Jan 10th, 2008. I hope you will consider this as a good
opportunity :-)

4) If you are looking for other great program + hardworking admin, well don't miss the boat for this one. You have to
join GlobalSurfUnited (GSU) which has been running steadily since late September 2007 and William is the admin there.
Currently, William offers banner exchange as promotional purpose to any site admin, blogger, and monitor admin. William
can be reached here : gs_networks@hotmail.com. He also offers interesting bonus for this weekend

Thank you for your time and support.
Respect yourself Respect others
Angel-Capital Angel-Capital.biz
Dec-13-2007 08:26:51 AM

Dear members and partners,
Our database has some problems today.
now it is in normal mode, if you have request your profit today,please request it
we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best Regards
Admin Of Angel-Capital.biz
GlobalSurfUnited - GlobalSurfUnited.com
Dec-12-2007 10:50:52 PM

Global Surf United Is 15 upgraded members Away From 100 Active Members. We Have 19 Days Left In December To Reach The
Goal Of 100 Members!

If Global Surf United is at 100 Members By December 31st, I will:
1.)Lower All Fee's To 1% - FOR GOOD!.
2.) Give Every Member a Raffle Tickets Into The January Raffle (Prize Will be Announced Week of January 1st 2008!)

Missed Surfing Days: If you miss a Surfing Day, You will not LOSE any ROA. Instead what Happens is, Your Upgrade Will
Extend out How Ever Many Days You Missed Surfing (Example: If you have a 15 Day Upgrade and miss Three Days. Your
Upgrade will Actually Run 18 Days (15 Day + 3 Days To Make Up) and you will Receive Full ROA.
So there is Not Need to Ask For Credit For a Missed Surfing Day, As well as Not Lost ROA if you Where to Have Personal
Obligations And cant surf a couple days.

To this Point It Appears Almost all bugs Have Been Worked Out. The Script is Doing what its Suppose to do. I am quite
amazed at its Security.

As the Transferred Upgrades Expire and are Paid out, Your Accounts will begin to Show Correct GSU Units, Etc. As Long
as your upgrade is Showing, Then it Be alright.

One thing I noticed and I fixed was last night i saw a couple New upgrades that didn't Receive a ROA but a Day was
**If You Need To Request a New Password Please Submit a Ticket. There Is No Request Password Feature, as the passwords
are hashed and cannot be Un-hashed.

Our External Support Ticket System is Located Here:

Midnight Server Time: This is the Time that your Account Should Update for previous Days Surfing. the last Few Days I
ran it manually At about 1030PM EST, because it was not Running automatically, I have Contacted me Host and I believe i
have Configured it Correctly. So Tonight at Midnight Server Time, Your Accounts Should Update Automatically. If it Does
not update, Do not Worry, I will run it again manually around 1030PM EST.

Upgrade After Surfing: You may upgrade After Surfing For the Day. You will still receive credit when Cron Runs without
a Problem. So Feel Free To Upgrade After Surfing For The Day.

Site Audit:
I will conduct a Site audit of all Accounts. This will included: checking all Upgrades, Account IP's, and Withdrawals.
There will be No Delay In Payments To anyone, unless Your Upgrade is Suspected.

If You have a Suspected False Deposit, I will simply Email you Directly. It will contain instructions on what To Do.

If you Do receive an Email, Please Respond Quickly, to prevent any Delay in your Account.

I WILL NOT suspend any Accounts, that Have a Suspected False Deposit. I don't think that there are any False
Deposits, But To Keep the integrity of GSU, I feel it's a Must Do.

You Should Experience NO Down Time, and Won't Even Know i am Doing the Audit :)

Sorry For the Lengthy Update, I want to make sure You All Know What Is Going On.

Please Remember:
December 24th-25-26, I will be off Due to the Holidays.
I will Try and Do a Mass Pay For December 24th and 25th on the 26th.

I hope Every One Has a Great Wednesday!

Thank You
Global Surf United
Cashing-N-Surf Cashing-n-surf.com
Dec-12-2007 10:46:44 PM

If you have an Egold PENDING
Send a SUPPORT TICKET from you members area with your new processor info so I can pay you.
DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL because it takes me longer to process the info.

We were going to wait a little longer before we stopped taking Egold but that was kind of decided for us.
Although, they may or may not unblock our account, we will never use them again. If they would block spends from my
account based on the complaints of one or 2 people then I would never use them again.
Bottom line is I never kept much funds in there anyway and the account was low so we did not loose much.
YOU know I'd been warning members in my emails for months.

Remember this?
If you use Egold or Ebullion, sign up at Liberty Reserve. STP or AP, PLEASE begin using LR, AP or STP for your upgrade
purchases. Neither Egold or Ebullion have very good reports right now. We will not be resposible for what ever Egold

I am happy that after the special note I'd put in my email expressing my concerns for those of you still using Egold,
most of you switched processors.
For those of you who have not, I suggest you get another processor so I can pay you.

If you need to exchange funds from egold into another processor I have heard this exchange service is good and does
ALL sorts of exchanges. I have not used them yet but a friend of mine told me they were great and somewhat cheaper than
the others. http://www.trainexservice.com

If you have an Egold PENDING
Send a SUPPORT TICKET from you members area with your new processor info so I can pay you.

DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL because it takes me longer to process the info.

Executive-Ads Executive-Ads.com
Dec-12-2007 10:12:38 AM

November Referral Commission Payments:
I apologize for the late November referral commission payments. All November referral commission payments have been made except for a couple to AlertPay which I cannot access right now. There are around 10 members who have commission payments that are under the STP or AlertPay minimum payments. The next time I pay a rebate payment to you I will include these commission payments with your rebate payments. I will put into the notes what the extra money is for. Once again, I apologize for being late. I have many things on my plate right now one of which is trying to get the script re-configured for referral payments. I have to do each one manually and believe me it is time consuming and no fun. Thank you for your patience.

Site Suspensions:
If you have had a site suspended, please delete it and do not try to add it again. I wait until I have had two abuse reports filed and then the site is suspended. Please do not e-mail me and ask me to reconsider. If the members don't want to see it in the rotation neither do I. Executive-Ads will remain a smooth surf program and I will not tolerate site violators. If it becomes a problem for certain members, I will reluctantly refund your ad purchases and delete your account.

Site Adjustments:
I will be changing a few minor parts of the Executive-Ads program. Mainly this will be in the number of sites a member needs to surf to be credited their daily rebate. We are getting a huge backlog of credits to members accounts. This is a good thing because it means everyone is making ad purchases. It's bad because not enough sites are being viewed. Once I set the required number of sites to be viewed, I will send a e-mail.

Referral Commissions:
I will be adjusting the cap on referral commissions for each subscriber level. We have more members than I would care to mention that are purchasing a minimum number of ad packs but yet maxing out on referral commissions. Executive-ads is a advertising program not a MLM. Referral commissions are offered as a incentive to help promote Executive-Ads. My main job function is to protect all member funds. If I see area's of abuse I will address the issue.

ASA Newscast:
I should be talking to Jake with ASA this week. If you get a chance, tune in to his newscast. I will be releasing some exciting news. After the newscast, I will be e-mailing all NextDay90 and Executive-Ads members to fill everyone in on the details.

A big thank you to everyone for all of your support at NextDay90 and Executive-Ads. We are making it through the most difficult part of the year. Keep those new subscribers and ad purchases coming. Another 4 weeks and we'll be home free.

Thanks, Jim

Cashing-N-Surf Cashing-n-surf.com
Dec-12-2007 08:23:44 AM

The programmer informed me that "the the server will be offline for a short bit a midnight tonight
they are rebooting something at the datacenter tonight at 1 est. time". I think that is our server time.
Just wanted to let you in on what was happening so you will not be shocked when the site goes down.
Some of you have noticed we have a spend limit on our Egold account tonight.
This is different than a block. It is a spend limit because apparently some of the members we suspended complained to egold that
their account was suspended. That's what a spend limit is. That I'm sure will be resolved soon.

Surf180 - Surf180.com
Dec-12-2007 06:56:56 AM

We will be having a very special Business Affiliate Training Call on Thursday Night,
December 13th at 9pm EST / 6pm PST.
The special phone number for this call is 646-519-5860 - Pin 2008#.
Please call in a couple of minutes early so we can start the call on time. Thanks!
-You can email myself, Aaron & Shara, or Fred Gondzar with any topics that you
-would like to have covered on this call.
We will be talking about the new team marketing system, answering questions, going
through the back office and much more. We want to cover anything and everything so
get ready for a great call! You won't want to miss it. Everyone (yes everyone) can
be a Director in 2008.

Regards, Travis
BusinessProfitPro - BusinessProfitPro.net
Dec-11-2007 12:17:49 AM

I hope you are having an awesome day! Just some updates for all of you...

1. The 12% RC for first time deposits and 8% RC for succeeding deposits have been extended for another week! It will
definitely end on Dec. 18th.
2. Starting tomorrow, the minimum withdrawal amount will be $1. I am getting a lot of cents withdrawals and it doesn't
look good on our stats page when potential members look at our program. There was one member who withdrew $0.03 cents!
3. 'Intern' level is fully working! The system set will check every week for potential HARs and non-supportive
members. If you are one of them, you need to deposit and auto-upgrade within 3 days to be removed.
4. We are still testing the option 'Office Chat' in the member's menu. I am not happy with the current one we have as
it is very limited. We plan to upload a better one soon. Do visit it if you have any questions or just want to chat
with other members. I will schedule a conference once everything is set, so you'll hear directly from me what our plans
are for the program's future.

That's about it for now! Continue supporting our program as we will be here for a very long time!

BPP Admin
Cashing-N-Surf Cashing-n-surf.com
Dec-11-2007 12:13:15 AM

This is a special members notice today because I have a lot to go over with you today.

First of all, I was suppose to be off yesterday but worked on accounts until 2am this morning.

I was horrified to find how many multiple accounts and members cheating to receive referral commissions we have. Some
accounts have already been suspended. I must have a reputation of being stupid or easy to get over on as 2 more
accounts were made and did the exact same thing this morning.

In the past, when I found one, I suspended the members account and upon getting an email from them, I reopened their
account, deducted the commissions, and removed the referrer number from their second account. I did not delete their
accounts and make them loose all their money. But now I think I have been so good that I'm no good. That won't happen
any more.

We have so many now signing up under a member with proxy IP addresses that they are really hard to locate the cheaters
sometimes. We had been monitoring Market Street as we found the same thing happening there but not on as large a scale
as CNS.

For the life of me I cannot understand why someone would risk their account or membership. But a ton of them do.
Referral commissions come directly out of MY earnings.

My sites were created for people who were seriously wanting to earn and are interested in earning on their money.
They were not created for someone to have a free ride off referrals or for thieves. I am honest and expect the same in
return. So, there are changes!

As always, it seems the innocent suffer with the guilty. We have stopped paying referral commissions except on the
FIRST PURCHASE of a referral at all our sites as of around midnight last night. AND, those commissions will be examined
very carefully. The cheating and riding the system will not happen any longer.

I am very good about listening to you, trying to help when there is a problem and paying on time. Why would anyone
abuse that? I just do not understand.

I know some are going to be upset about loosing all the commissions they have been use to getting. But, believe it or
not, most of our members want to just earn and do not care about commissions. The referral commissions are just suppose
to be something nice. They are not something that is suppose to gouged for all they are worth.

I am sorry for the honest ones we do have that have been receiving large commissions. I have never minded that for
those members. All of you should WANT to lead others to us to help them, to offer them an honest place to help them for
the satisfaction of helping someone. Not for JUST what you can get out of it. We may live in a world where some have
the "dog eat dog" philosophy but NOT HERE! I will not give my time and effort to those with that sort of attitude.

I want to say to the cheaters, if you got paid this morning because I haven't found you, you got lucky today. We
haven't gone through all the accounts but we will so be ready for it. If your account was suspended, don't bother
emailing me. You know why it was.

To the MAJORITY of you, you are great! MOST of you are honest and simply want to earn some money. I know the changes
will not bother you at all and you will understand.

Thank you for your time.

Egold payments will go out as soon as I can login to my email account to get my pin. They are doing maintenance or
something on my provider. Should be going soon. All other payouts have been paid.
AttractiveAds - AttractiveAds.net
Dec-11-2007 12:08:50 AM

Hello to every AttractiveAds addicts,

I hope you had a great weekend.
As usual, I'd like to give a warm welcome to our new members. Feel free to put a test spend and let me know for any

This will be a weekly reminder, review, and update of our program to all members :
1) AttractiveAds has been running for 84 days with steady growth which is as I expected. Current our Alexa Rank is
103,573 with 909 registered members and 591 sites running within the surf rotator. My big thanks to every member,
blogger, monitor admin, and other program's admin who has supported me up to this state. AttractiveAds will never make
it without your support. Yes, I know this is still far from other best programs out there, but my dream is making
AttractiveAds to be like those soon. This dream can only be achieved if we can work together and I'm sure there are a
lot of supportive members in AttractiveAds. Please keep up your cooperation and we will be there soon :-)

2) Once again, some members asked me if they could have more than 4 active Ad-Packs running at a time. I also noticed
that many members have max Ad-Packs ($600) in their account. So from now on, all members may have up to 6 active
Ad-Packs running at a time ($900). This way, you may upgrade and cashout weekly. I hope you will take this good
oppotunity. For all monitor admins, please help to update this info within your monitor site.

3) Lately, there were many reports of bad sites (frame-breaker, contains Trojan & viruses, etc) running within our
surf rotator and I have suspended these sites. When you are surfing and find this kind of site, please report it by
clicking the 'Report site' link on top right of the surf bar. I will take a good action for these kind of sites. Thank
you to those members who have reported previously.

4) Christmas and New Year are coming. The time when you will be in holiday, gather with your friends & family, and
maybe you will have no time to be online. Just contact me when you miss your daily earnings and I will add it soon. I
would like to recommend you the No-Surf plan option so you don't have to surf to get your daily earnings. Don't worry
about me, I will be here online every single day for payments and support tickets. Furthermore, to celebrate Christmas
and New Year, from Dec 10th 2007 until Jan 10th 2008 there will be no upgrade fee (0%). I hope you will consider this
one :-)

5) Upgrade process for E-Bullion and Liberty Reserve are 'semi-manual'. When you upgrade, the fund is transferred into
AttractiveAds' account but won't be shown in member home. Please contact and provide me the plan (Surf or No-Surf) then
I will fix your account soon.

6) All payments will be processed up to 7 business days (usually much sooner) and the day may varies for each member
to be paid. I process 150-200 payments per week and will increase as member base growth. Whenever you receive payment,
please support us by voting (InstantVote from your member area) and sharing your experience to others on any forums.
Both are important things which will help to move the program higher up on monitors and forums for a better exposure. I
am just thinking that we can make the program much stronger with all of members' support. Some monitors cannot be
included in InstantVote but you may find them via the 'Rate Us' link.

7) To prevent our email will go into your SPAM/BULK folder, please add our email address into your contact list :
attractiveads@yahoo.com and noReply@attractiveads.net. You may also send me a PM on any popular forums for any account
related problems.

8) Below are my offers for all members and non-members about PTC area. This way, for advertisers can gain good
exposures and for others can also earn extra credit/money. And the benefit for members who clicked these banners/text
link will earn extra 15-20 credits or $0.01-$0.02 per click. Just contact me when you have upgraded.
* Upgrade with $30-$70 (per new upgrade) will get a free rotating banner-ads with 150 impressions or 50 clicks at PTC
* Upgrade with $75-$150 (per new upgrade) will get a free rotating banner-ads with 300 impressions or 100 clicks at
PTC area.
* For non-member also can advertise at PTC Area with $10 for 500 clicks (depends on the click cost).

9) Don't forget to join Ubaid's site (Invest-N-Surf) and Bayu's site (GreenLinkAds) with 8% for 15 days rebate. They
are a young, honest and dedicated man in this industry.
You may join here :

Thank you for your time and support.

Respect yourself Respect others
GoodMorningSurf - GoodMorningSurf.com
Dec-11-2007 12:03:51 AM

I took down the site at 2:30pm Eastern time 12/10/2007 so i can move it to our new server.. This was the best
time to do it since the traffic is low at this time
The transfer of the site was completed at 3:30pm eastern time.. Some of you may be able to hit the site, some may
not.. This is due to a DNS change so keep trying. If you do lose out on earning for today, i will credit asap!
Since i did this transfer, it only took 20 minutes before i got 2 emails in saying i am a scam.. I will warn all right
now, I am enforcing my terms!! I did this transfer to make the site run better! One report of scam, you will get fined!
Read the TERMS!
The 2 people that wrote in and said "scam" have been fined..

Thanks all!!


P.S. the fine money goes in a pool for future contests
EMC-investments.com EMC-investments
Dec-10-2007 11:20:49 PM

We welcome you to the first issue of the weekly EMC Investments newsletter. Our mission is to bring you the latest
news regarding EMC Investments, upcoming opportunities and answer the most frequently asked questions by our investors.

As of 2007 November 20, our services are functioning separately from EMC Investments LLC after incorporating our own
online trading platform as EMC Trading Limited.

As incorporation of our online trading platform has opened us a variety of new possibilities, we will be accepting
bank wire deposits in a timeframe of next month.

Our incorporation documents are available on our website for everyone.

EMC Investments is currently accepting E-Gold®, Liberty Reserve® and Pecunix®. There have been minor problems with
E-Gold® deposits and withdrawals, which are solved as of today.

We would be grateful to know your opinion on the debate to whether accept V-Money and Alertpay as payment processors
for EMC Investments. Your inquiries are welcome 24/7 in our Live Chat department or via e-mail.

Based on three months median of our funds performance, the “Fast growing fund” and “Monetary Market fund” have
been exceeding expectations, while the “Rational” fund is still not generating the liquidity of assets to prove as
a spectacular investment platform. “Conservative” fund is as buoyant as ever, being a perfect choice for investors
looking for a done-deal for profits over long term.

A lot of users have noticed and complained that, recently, we have been lacking the manpower to answer all support
inquiries in a respective manner. There have also been a number of investors dissatisfied with the Live Support
feature. To solve these issues we have brought two people onboard to work on Live Support and Phone Support
departments, respectively.
GoldenPigInvest - GoldenPigInvest.cc
Dec-10-2007 11:14:54 PM

We are really pleased to inform you, we are fully on-line again!
You can now login to your account.
Please note, that for security reasons you will not receive the usual emails from our program.

If you are using a referral link, you must change “goldenpiginvest.com” or “goldenpiginvest.net” for
If you are using a banner, the image source must be changed also. You must replace “.com” or “.net” with “.cc”
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need.
Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,
GoldenPigInvest Admin
RiccTrade - RiccTrade.net
Dec-9-2007 02:33:08 PM

We are glad to inform you that our program ricctrade.net is now running very well. All our members are happy here.
First, all our members' withdraw request have been processed. If you still have not received your payment yet, please
let us know. We are glad to help you.
Second, our domain has been changed to ricctrade.net, if you want to promote our program, please pay attention to our
Third, we will give our members a very attactive offer on the Christmas Day, we will inform all members then. Please
pay attention to check your email address. :)

Have a nice day, everyone!
Best Regards,
Surf180 - Surf180.com
Dec-9-2007 06:49:00 AM

How does 7% for 7 days sound!!
It is time for another fun contest. Our last one, a laptop was given away. This
contest is going to be a referral contest. Everyone can be a winner on this one as
you will receive direct cash credit to what your down line deposits. Our normal
referral commission is 1% on every purchase your down line makes. This week I will be
upping the referral commission to 7% so get out there and tell everyone you know or
don’t know that Surf180 is the place to be so you can get some fun commissions on
their deposits. We will be a “heavy hitter” in 2008.

Let’s have fun!!

Regards, Travis
Admin Surf180
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