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HYIP News Updates
GeniusFunds — GeniusFunds.com
Nov-27-2008 03:39:30 PM

This e-mail is to inform you that due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States today, 27th of November, the daily dividend will not be paid and the weekly dividend will be adjusted downwards. As you well know, during the holiday all American stock exchanges and banks are closed.
PremiumAdsClub — PremiumAdsClub.com
Nov-27-2008 03:32:36 PM

Just a quick update to let you all know that we are extending the Current Promotion from today 27th - Dec 3rd.

An explanation of how it works for our new members.You are required to post the Batch Number and Date of your AdPack Purchase
on any two threads of your choice :MMG, CIF,DTM,ASA and TG. Each day a winner is picked randomly and is awarded $25 to a PP of their choice.

And.... be prepared for 2 upcoming Campaigns, December Special from Dec 4 -19th and CHRISTMAS BONANZA from Dec 20-26th.
Just a note, ALL members will be eligible to for these ones regardless of wether you post on threads or not, only a teensy-weensy difference..YAY,lol

Wishing all members who observe the Holiday a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Mygoldvault — Mygoldvault.com
Nov-27-2008 03:29:45 PM

Time for the monthly update. First i would like to say thanks all for your continued
support in the forum and the monitors. Now down to business am going to be slow
with some payments this month due the opening of our second ebay store. This will be
opening monday(I Hope) with any luck. This store has cost us almost 1200 to purchase its first
liquidation load. See here http://cgi.liquidation.com/auction/view?auctionId=2053309 .
The site had only generated about $500 to $600 in upgrades this month so again
i have added the rest as this is mine as much is it is yours. Due to the shortage of
cash at the moment,I am going to ask that you do one of 3 things.

1. don't request your cash out this month
2. If you request be patients as i will make the payment as soon as i receive more funds.
3. Compound your payment.

The third option is bad for any site but sometimes it must be done. I have some funds available to make some payments. There is although funds expected from the first ebay store but i must wait for john to return from his brothers thanksgiving celebration. The second ebay store should start to generate money fast
as we purchased some good items that are selling well. There is no problems with the funds it is just slow this month again.
Plus i put money from my weekly pay check still to make up the almost $5000 plus the 20% bonus when we restructured. My fellow Canadians know it is cold here and roofing is not a good job for this time of year.
So to say the least it is cold for me.
An ways As Always you can be assured that you will be paid like i have done for two years now.
Patience's and support is all i ask. At least we are not like a lot of sites out there
That only pay you as long as they need you to build there little nest egg and then disappear.
I believe we will be here long after the others are gone. Then everyone will realize there is no reason to invest in
risky sites. There is only a couple sites that i can truly say are realistic. The T.I.M.E network is one of those i believe in and there is a couple others. I have been working on a new thread in the forum for the last couple days. It is called Past and present.
This may bring a lot of heat to me but i don't care. IT will be based on past admin and there scams and any new site they may be trying to start.
I feel i must do this to help protect you as my friends and members. I am trying to help make a difference in the industry. Maybe i will fail but i am going to give it my all. I am also going to remove LR again as a processor It serves me no good and i only brought it back for a few members that requested it. I will continue to pay out to LR as long as the funds last but i will not except it as an upgrade.
that is it for now. I will let you know the progress of things in the near future.

thanks kirk
Euromillionbux — Euromillionbux.com
Nov-22-2008 07:57:44 AM

I hope you having a nice weekend and everything is okay with you there, Please Kindly be informed that the administrative panel is undergoing reconstruction for repositioning, and also we will be Launching our New advertising Division of EUROMILLIONBUX called (EUROMILLIONBUX BANNER ADVERTIZING) All this has been the main and major Plans of ЂMB as this was necessitated by so many technical adjustments been suggested by majority of you, our respected investors to make the site a self paying automated system, instead of a much more technician regulated system, which we have been aborting for security purposes but as a listening team, we are reworking our payment system to soot your demands.

I have been in Deutschland for one week now to attend some serious traders Association conference based on the overwhelming financial crisis and have not been able to follow up with so many payments which I will definitely give the time the whole of this weekend and next week to get it all cleared. We beg your indulgence and will advice patience as we will meet with ALL your back payments and every other commitment Euromillionbux has pledged. You are esteemed to us, hence this notification.

Thank you for all your co-operation so far as we forge ahead.


Chris Hutton
Assist Administrator

EuromillionBux.com Your Gateway to The Endless profit possibilities.
PremiumAdsClub — PremiumAdsClub.com
Nov-21-2008 01:54:18 PM

We want to first and foremost thank each and everyone of you for welcoming PAC with so much enthusiasm.We could not have hope for a better launch.

Quite a few things are in the works and we are eager to share them with you but we’ll leave that for our first Newsletter which will go out on the 5th of Dec,2009.

For now we want to take the opportunity to make a pledge that we will do our very best to steer PAC to great heights of success and we want to encourage all of you, our respected members to join with us to achieve this goal.

On that note…we will announce our first Promotion Campaign.

Please post the Batch Number of your PAC deposits starting Friday ,21st Nov through to 26th Nov on any two threads of your choice.MMG,ASA,TG,DTM and CIF.We will pick a winner daily and the member will be paid a Cash Reward of $25.

So, please forum-shy members, come post,it’s fun!Forum junkies like us, go for it!

Good Luck , may the best batch number win-lol

Kazzy and EL
GeniusFunds — GeniusFunds.com
Nov-21-2008 01:51:38 PM

At Genius we are committed to providing you with a top notch investment platform and the great service you deserve. That is why we are investing heavily in improving our products and services. I am very pleased to inform you of the many improvements we implemented over the past weeks.

Bank Wire Deposit
The bank to bank transfer option is now much easier to use. We no longer require customers to submit due diligence documents before we provide our bank account details and the minimum had been lowered to a mere USD 500. Bank to bank transfer is free of charge.

Share Certificates
Local regulations require us to issue share certificates for all customers in possession of more than 500 shares of any Genius fund. The process of requesting and receiving your certificate has been improved. As soon as we receive your request from inside your account menu, it will take just 24 hours for the certificate to be ready. No need to wait for days anymore.

Live Online Support
If you have any questions about our products and services, customer assistance representative is just one click away. From the start of this month, the service is available 24 hours a day.

Did you know that it is possible to use ACH for deposits through U-GotCash? It is also so convenient to have a u-GotCash ATM debit card, so you can instantly receive your withdrawals in cash and save on exchange fees at the same time.

Reinvestment Power
Did you know that Genius offers automatic reinvestment (compounding) of your dividends? Just set reinvestment rate for your Genius account and each payout will be automatically used to purchase additional shares. By utilizing this powerful feature your total income will significantly increase over time in comparison to daily or weekly withdrawals. Our online calculator can be used to calculate the potential gain. Please note that you may change your reinvestment rate back at any time, including setting it back to 0%.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Best Regards,
George Schale,
Genius Investments Limited
Tel. +44 200 222 7598
Fax. +44 20 7855 0844

You are receiving this message because you have opened an account with Genius Funds. In order to unsubscribe from any future mailings from Genius, you must log in to your Genius account, proceed to the Account Profile menu and choose the unsubscribe option on the lower part of the page.
CapitalCorpex — Capitalcorpex.com
Nov-21-2008 03:03:02 AM

Our website update completed. Sorry for downtime caused. Please read below about our update.

New Server:
We moved our website to a new DDOS protected dedicated server at Staminus network. Our server IP changed so you may see our old website with an error. Please allow up to 24 hours to your ISP update our server IP.

SSL Certificate:
We installed a COMODO ssl certificate for our website. So all data and transactions will be safe with this strong protection. You can see Lock icon when you loggin to your account main page.

Capital Corpex
Warning !!! Phishing Liberty Reserve sites
Nov-20-2008 07:53:07 AM

Phishing Liberty Reserve sites
Fake SCI pages were found on the following websites:
- Eurofxtrade.com , ( sci.librtyreserve.com)
- Torinvestment.com, (sci.libertyrezerve.com);
- Fxcm-brokerage.com, (sci.libetryresevre.com).

Be careful!
Highriseprofit — Highriseprofit.com
Nov-18-2008 01:28:46 AM

Hope everyone had great first week with HRP! We have had a tremendous start and are growing at a steady rate.

Everything is running smoothly now and the site is up and running. We were under a high level ddos attack and were down for a breif period of time while Zydus Networks was working on our server. I did not like the downtime and have looked into better hosting providers. There will be a server switch within a few days. You and I both did not like the downtime, hence I will be switching server to prevent this from happening a second time.

While we were down, upgrades were not able to be added to your account unfortunately. However, if I have not already done so, please email me with the transaction # and your account ID #. I will take care of you promptly.

The first weekly contest is over, and week #2 has started! Be sure to look at the winners to see if you placed! We also are currently making the plans for a new and soon to be BIG contest!! More info on this will be mentioned in a brief update within the next few days.

All payouts have been done, and all upgrades will be paid in full 144% so please do not worry, everyone will be taken care as soon as possible. There will be a Surf Holiday for 11-15 & 11-16 so please do not be concerned with missed days.

Please Support Our Site By Voting at Any Monitors! Thanks


Daniel Burkhart
Aggeroinvestment — Aggeroinvestment.com
Nov-18-2008 01:27:07 AM

Just an update on the STP issue. I finally received the secondary password from them a couple of minutes ago. ALL requested withdrawals have been paid. Everything's back to normal and business as usual.

Thank you for the understanding.
Residual ForexIncome — ResidualForexIncome.Com — ResidualForexIncome.biz
Nov-18-2008 01:25:57 AM

We are proud to announce that Residual Forex Income has been running for 3 months online already! This is not a very long period but we hope each of you fully realizes that time really matters in online investment industry. And the fact that we have been able to run a successful program online is the best proof of our stability and serious intentions.

1. We were able to cope with fake abusers and ddos attacks.

2. We did everything possible to make RFI certified and verified not only by GOBC community by also mainly by those who decided to go through verification procedure.

3. We are paying and supporting our members despite the circumstances of the world financial and economic crisis.

4. We rely on the word of mouth in our advertising campaign and have 100% clear records. That is why we have so many people referred by their friends, collegues and relatives.

5. The main RFI motto is "Not to be the most popular but the most stable and reliable" on the market. And it seems we are making these words come true.

Over the past time a lot of people learnt from their sad experience with a number of programs which are now gone. Unpleasant to say but this number is rapidly growing. Needless to say about the recent downfall of megalido. As the logical conclusion we highly recommend all our members not to lose common sense when investing in popular high return matrix.

If you have any problems or questions regarding RFI please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be glad to guide and assist you.

We are happy to see you among our members and will always do our best to make our cooperation safe, stable and reliable. Stay tuned!

P.S. And do not forget that we have 20 days free membership time limit. We want to have interested people here at RFI only. That is why if you have no interest or desire in our service please let us know and your account will be closed in order not to bother you with newsletters and updates.

Best regards
Residual Forex Income Team
Aggeroinvestment — Aggeroinvestment.com
Nov-18-2008 01:25:23 AM

Just a few notes that I want to let you know.

1st - Like I expected, our membership numbers grew real fast ever since I sent out the last newsletter Friday. I mentioned that we had a little over 1100 members that time. Now we are almost 1400 (1395 to be exact)! And with 10 more days left until we privatize, we could double my original expectation of 1000 members. That is great! And I thank all of you for making this happen.

2nd - To all those who use STP, if you've noticed, when you log-in to your STP account first-time today, it will ask you for a new password and a new secondary password. I did enter a new one but unfortunately, the new secondary password I entered is not working when doing mass payouts. I already requested a new one and should be sent within 24 hours according to their terms. But until then, I cannot do payments in STP. But nothing to worry about, you know that I will do it as soon as I receive their reply. All other payment processors are up-to-date and paid according to terms. LR and StrictPay are being paid automatically and without any issues.

3rd - In a related issue, if you also deposited using STP, it will not show on your account automatically. Please send me a support email with the transaction info and your username and I will add it manually.

4th - Use the latest version of Firefox to get the best experience on our program. If you are using other browsers, update it also to the latest version.

5th - If you didn't get your activation link, just try logging-in already. If you get in then that means you are activated and good to go.

That's about it! Have a wonderful day!
FX-Interest — FX-Interest.com
Nov-18-2008 01:22:44 AM

A remote Web- Server disability has been reported to us by our service provider . As a result members might experience occasional instability of the site . Although script functionalities will remain largely unaffected , there can be marginal delays in processing of withdrawals.

This is a temporary situation and we understand is being redressed.

We request all Members to bear with a situation that is purely temporary and beyond our control.

Thanking you
Your Fx-I Administrator
Megalido — megalido.com
Nov-16-2008 02:38:02 AM

I understand you are very worried about the program and I apologize it took me a little time to let you know about the situation. I asked you to calm down and wait but that clearly didn't work, the server switch caused several database errors and we had to take care of everything, everything is now ready and the big changes will now appear on the website.

The big changes you were all expecting is about our plan, the 12%x12 days plan is now gone, I want you to understand that this is not being done because of a cashflow problem, we are doing this because the amounts of money we have been receiving are increasing a lot and a new plan is needed in order to maintain the exchange of money between the trading platforms and the payment processors.

The new plan pays 4% and it lasts for 36 days, which means you will still receive 44% of profit but it will take 36 days, not 12. I have never disappointed you before and I'm not going to do it now, if I wanted, I could have ran with all your money but I didn't, I'm still here and we are together, fighting everything and everyone in order to become the best program this industry has ever seen.

The new plan is being applied to the website now and it may take some time until you all see it, some will see it right now, some will see if later but don't worry, the process will be completed as quick as possible.

All the pending payments you have will be transferred to the new plan, I'm sorry but that is something we have to do, I hope you understand me. You still need to surf 12 pages daily to get credit and the pendings will be paid within 48 hours, as stated on our terms and F.A.Q. If you have an active upgrade, continue to surf and when you complete the 12 days, it will be moved to the new plan too.

I am not running away now and I do not plan to do it, I understand you may be scared with these changes but they are necessary if we want to keep MegaLido sustainable and I'm sure we all do. I'm sticking with you and I hope you all will stick with me, your support is very important at this point and I hope our relationship will continue to be very good.

I'm sorry I made you wait these last two days but a new MegaLido is now born and you will profit from it, I assure you that. I really appreciate the ones who stayed positive during these days and thank you so much for being a part of this huge project.

largesum — largesum.com
Nov-15-2008 07:02:43 AM

BANKWIRE TRANSFER - 13 November 2008

Dear investors and partners! As we informed earlier we are now developing the anti-crisis solution that would allow our investors to make profit and earn a fortune in the most secured and guaranteed way. Analyzing the requests of our customers, we have decided to make it possible accepting the bankwire transfer as the deposit means for all groups of investors worldwide. It used to be open before for VIP investors. Starting from the following week, bankwire transfer will become available for the majority. Hope this feature would be useful and make our cooperation more pleasant and convenient both for us and our investors. The detailed information will become available the following week. In case you have any inquiries or questions regarding the bankwire opportunity, contact the Support Department. Best regards, LargeSUM Team
BigProfitAds — BigProfitAds.com
Nov-13-2008 05:26:01 PM

I have been 90% offline since 10/11, all was technical problems in my internet connections, all work slowly at my home

I make a question, why members don't read my Daily Update ?
I receive a lot of tickets with bad words and question about late of payments, and this type of users don't realy care about our daily update!

Now 14 days i pay fastly and easy process, i have keep the daily payment and make hard work to change all users from our Libertyreserve (hacked and lost of money) system to AlertPay, i work in hard situation already, please understand!

I have now about 500 requests of payments, because users REQUEST multiples payment without reading our update

With my slow connection : I read HARDLY support tickets,
AlertPay https access is very very slow (to process payment), the admin control too, also my website work slow here! Its a bad up/down of internet connection

I cannot start the PTP conversion because my connection was slow, will start it later today and will do my maximum

I have success to start the cronjob to expire upgrade units very late last night because my connection! Some one have see the time


- Will continue to process payments and i want make some changes on the website to keep it alive, because 4 days of PENDINGS payments isn't a good way to keep the daily payment in this situation .. You can see other autosurf program! They have 50:50 Rules, and they fail or CHANGE THE PAYMENT RULE if program had problems, and i'm dowing my best with Bigprofitads, the website is daily payment and i have past the hard one cycle with big alternatifs problems (LR get hacked, Switch to AlertPay ect ..)

- Libertyreserve REFUND will process later today

- The stuff are already solving our technicals internet issues in my zone, and this will done quickly from now

Please be sure, BPA is still up and continue working
Please don't make bad votes, this will down your program
Be honest and support your program, users thats have been paid just continue posting and voting!

Thanks all, Eric!
Stoic-capital — Stoic-capital.com
Nov-12-2008 12:40:31 AM

Dear investors!

We have completed and uploaded the new design for our web-site. We tried to make our new interface more intuitive, usable and nice. As well as several script rebuilds have been applied to make account access and control more secure and convenient. Treat with understanding that due to the updating, tuning and finishing the site could be unavailable for some times in the next couple days. Please kindly review the new appearance of our web-site of https://stoic-capital.com
We hope you will like it!
It is important for us to know your opinion about our new design. You are welcome to post you comments and opinions on boards and monitors listed here:
The human touch is very helpful and important for us to improve the project!

Best Regards,
The Stoic PR Department
Residual ForexIncome — ResidualForexIncome.Com — ResidualForexIncome.biz
Nov-11-2008 10:32:28 PM

We would like to draw your attention to this newsletter because it is going to reveal RFI attitude to monitoring service in general and share some crucial information which is necessary for better understanding.

Why do we all need monitoring and advertising websites? First, they are preety good targeted traffic generators. Second, being an individual you have a chance to see the status of the investment venture at any taken moment of time. But why do so many people complain and even blame contemporary monitorings of being scams? Well, there are quite logical explanations.

1. Investment catalogues, monitors (especially pure hyip monitorings) really tend to pursue only one existing goal of earning money through advertising and payouts. What you might see on their websites is not what you usually get. Perhaps goldpoll.com can be excluded from this list as these guys are doing really awesome job.

2. It is true that monitorings take money from hyips under desk to give them better conditions and promotion. To make it short just see the percentage of newcomers taking premium, best and vip places. Do remember! It is all about the money the project pays to monitor rather than your potential experience after joining the program. That is why do not pass by those projects in the middle. Many of them are really worth your attention. For example RFI has been honestly doing its best to serve the members for over 3 months already still it is not the one you can see on the top or "best listings".

3. Some monitorings are scammers and spammers. It is true also. Hyipmonitor.ws is one of the big spammers for example. Jake got furious with them because they are sending unwanted email templates without answering to our messages and warnings. We could continue the list but those just do not deserve mentioning in this newsletter. Not to mention those pretending to be famous investment blogs and websites (the latest email was received from fake Paul Abramson from Money News Online. Very convincing but still fake)

What are the logical conclusions?

1. Never take all the information received from monitorings for granted. Do your own check up or better talk to people who have already invested.

2. What you see is NOT always what you get. Keep working to your investment plan rather than rushing between hot deals and offers.

This information was partially provided by one of our oldest members who is said to have his own personal investment website soon. He is a very nice man to deal with and we at RFI hope this will really help people to invest online. From our part we will assist him in promoting his service so we hope you will not refuse to have some updates from him as well.

Thanks for staying with us and stay tuned!

Best regards
Residual Forex Income Team
Stoic-capital — Stoic-capital.com
Nov-10-2008 11:28:05 PM

09 Nov 2008
More wire transfer opportunities!

Dear Investors!
We are proud to announce that we have made co-operation agreement with the exchange provider of e-Curex (http://e-curex.com) to optimize the finance flow for funding the Stoic accounts. Known as wholesale e-currency supplier e-Curex acts as exchange intermediary to receive payments by wire.
Now from Members Area you may choose \"Deposit by wire\" option yourself and get instructions and invoice to be paid by wire for further credit to your Stoic balance.
This deposit method is applicable for the amounts of $20,000 or more. It is free from any exchange or transfer fees, besides the fees of your own bank. You are to send wire to e-Curex\'s company and follow their instructions. We guarantee their reliability and ensure that any and all the funds received by them will be credited to your Stoic account balance in the exact amount of funds they receive from you.
All the yields and the principals will be available for withdrawal by wire.
GreensFinance — GreensFinance.com
Nov-10-2008 08:37:55 PM

We began working with Bank Transfer payment method. You may deposit/withdraw to/from our accounts in the United Kingdom or Dominica. Please see the Bank Transfer section in your Greens Finance account. The minimum amount for Bank Transfer deposit is $2000, for Bank Transfer withdraw - $300.00

We also accept Western Union and/or MoneyGram for our investors who for some reason cannot work with Bank Transfer or Liberty Reserve. Please note that the minimum deposit by Western Union orMoney Gram is $500.00 or its equivalent in your local currency. The minimum amount to withdraw through WU or MG is $100.00

In the next three weeks we are planning to complete transference to working with the following payment methods only – Bank Transfer, Liberty Reserve, and Western Union. These will be our main payment systems. Now you can make all delayed E-gold and E-bullion withdrawal requests via Bank Transfer.

Attention to those who have withdrawal requests pending because of problems with E-bullion/E-gold or other reasons: please contact withdraw@greensfinance.com to process withdrawals via Bank Transfer.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Kind regards,
Greens Finance Inc
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