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HYIP News Updates
Planet-Trust - planet-trust.net
Jun-5-2007 03:08:20 PM

I think I should take this time to teach everyone a bit of how this system works. Our system is designed to bring
you ultimate flexibility and profits. To be quite honest, there is never any investment that will bring us in
enough to pay you out 120%, 130% or 144%. Even with the 50/50 rule there still is a percentage gap of what we
bring in from investments compared with what we pay out.

My point is that this is not a bad thing and can be overcome. Many problems with autosurfs that have real outside
income is that many players do not work their money through the system long enough for us to make a turn on our
investments. This is what happened in Planet-Trust (besides script issues) and is now happening in TwilightADZ.
Many people do not understand the importance of working your money through the system. It is also important to
gain strategy for the benefit of yourself and the system. Some focus on ways just to beat the 50/50. One question
you should ask yourselves is if you want something that is going to last.

We are about to get data in from the first recycle of Planet-Trust tonight. From the way I look at it the results
may not be as good as what we had thought but I have seen worse. I want to apologize to everyone if I seem a bit
off key lately. There has been much going on recently and I have been swamped trying to figure out a strategy to
get things moving once more. I have told everyone from the beginning that no matter what I will always be here to
help ease the nerves. I have been in the forums almost on a daily basis and I have also updated as much as
possible. Somehow our message is not getting to some.

The communications between all of us are always important. This is one of the reasons we have gone semi-private.
We have also gone private and developed a leadership staff that can help you develop strategy and succeed within
our network. We do not intend on our network being private to put a muzzle on our membership. We do not mind
negativity and we are not trying to take your freedom of speech. You have to understand that in order to keep
people calm during these times and ease panic some measures are necessary.

I want to let everyone know that it is within our best interest that we no longer do business with the Pats Pro
script. In order to continue, we will need to switch our sites over to the new script. After examining Twilight
the past few days I am seeing several flaws within that program that are causing too many problems. Most of these
problems such as pending cashouts and referral commissions were seen in Planet-Trust. This script and its flaws
have really put a dent in our path. These flaws were supposed to be fixed by Rollersoft long ago, but that still
hasn’t happened. All modifications to this script were paid for and they have not kept their part of the bargain.
Some modifications that were paid for they never even started yet. They basically took my money and ran.

I have instructed other admins using this script to stop using it ASAP. There are flaws within this script and
even more in the original profit-share model script that could jeopardize the whole program. If you are an admin
and still running this script I would advise you to stop your program now. I have told you all of the problems
with the referral commissions and cashouts but we have also found another problem within TwilightADZ where some
people were paid out more than what they were supposed to receive. Some ad-packs were expiring pre-mature. We
have already gone through accounts and adjusted the account if needed.

I don’t want you to take this update negatively. As I always say that it just gets better from here. I will find
a way through this and make the adjustments needed to provide you the solid income. Any admin with a sense of
honesty or integrity would have done the same. When there are problems such as these in a program, it makes it
hard to continue because the damage has been done. What people should realize is that the safety net script will
adjust the settings in the program to compensate for damage. Planet-Trust safety net system launched one day too
late and TwilightADZ is functioning correctly. We just had to correct the numbers in the system to compensate so
that the net is switched on correctly.

When Planet-Trust is finished recycling, we will be moving it to the same script that MaximumADZ will be on. We
are just waiting to receive this script from the Elite Network. The models of Planet-Trust and TwilightADZ will be
altered to provide more stability and life to the program. I have just got done going over a model that can
prolong the life of the program and give us time to make the money needed from our investments. I think you will
all be impressed.

Upon launch of MaximumADZ, those of you who participate will see first hand what this model will provide. This
model will completely take out the need for growth and the need to raise our daily ad-pack purchase cap as often.
If worked properly by our members, this will increase the life of our program by about 13-14 months.

I know many of you are wondering about the percentage in TwilightADZ and payouts. You have to remember that these
programs are hybrids between a classic autosurf and profit-share. The script will not allow us to pay out more
than what we bring in. This allows us to make adjustments if needed to allow for our investments to return. The
safety net that will be featured in MaximumADZ will be new and improved from PT or Twilight. There will be more
features added in for your protection and the stability of the program. The biggest flaw we have noticed was the
time is takes to receive a withdraw of funds from our processors to invest. Having our debit card in play will
make this a lot easier and faster for us to provide you these profits. MaximumADZ will be the start of a better
designed system that many autosurfs in the future will follow. We have learned much from other programs and how
they operate and fail. Since we have seen this first hand allows us to make the corrections needed to provide a
long-life high ROI system. I can say that I am impressed with this new system and no one will match it.

I have always admitted to making mistakes and believe me I do make them. I also learn from our mistakes and this
is what makes us better. In order to complete this recycling process of these programs, adjustments will be made.
Some of them you will not understand but many of them you will. This is why our leaders are here. They are here
to provide you with answers to your questions. We will still be here of course but only for technical questions.
Leadership will be in direct communications with me at all times. They will be the first aware of any updates and
changes within the programs. I wish we would have had this level in place before the launch of PT. If it were in
place, some people would not be in the forums asking what is going on. Part of their job is to keep you informed.

After we are through with all of this we will look towards a positive future. I look forward to talking with you
all and communicating with everyone. That is what I like to do best. Communication has always been important to
me as I know it is to some of you. Planet-Trust has accomplished paying out over 5 Million dollars in under three
months. This is an accomplishment to be proud of but isn’t good enough for me. I know some things happened during
the life of PT we had no control over but I can tell you again. It only gets better… We will make the necessary
changes and moves… We will come back stronger than ever… Its not about making it to the top, its about integrity
and my loyalty to all of you.

We have also been asked many times why we just didn’t keep going at a lower rate. The answer to this is simple.
With the damage done and the problems with the script, it was better to stop the program in its tracks before the
problems compounded.

ThankYou for your support.

Jack Cobb

Maximum Admin
13DailyTrade - 13DailyTrade.com
Jun-5-2007 12:49:04 PM

From Now Our Rules Have Been Changed and Payments will be given to those
members who do have upgrades to half of their pending amount or more
.(50/50 Rule)
SO if you have any questions about Cash out Term , Contact Us .
E-mail : 13DailyTradeCo@Gmail.com

Kind Regards and Warmest wishes !
13 Daily Trade Team
143dailygold - 143dailygold.com
Jun-5-2007 12:47:02 PM

Well, we've had a very busy and exciting first 24 hours here at the
143dailygold office.We want to welcome each and every one of our new
members. We are very well prepared for the long journey ahead. We∙ve
experienced phenomenal growth in the last 14days that far exceeded our
expectations.We are very proud of the membership base doing such a great
job promoting 143dailygold.
The 143dailygold staff is working diligently around the clock to take care
of any problems you may have. We want to build a strong reputation in the
traffic exchange industry that our members can trust. Members that join the
date earlier have been in enjoying instant profits now and ever.It will be
more to come.

Referral contest will come soon!!!
Webpaybank - webpaybank.com
Jun-5-2007 12:44:44 PM

We seem to have fixed the error now so you can all surf and your ROI will
show up,thank you for your patience.
Upgrades continue at a good rate and surfing is smooth.
We will try to open with MoneyPay-Europe later today,payments will have to
be entered manually,once again you will need to be patient.
Regards ADMIN
EliteAdShare - EliteAdShare.com
Jun-5-2007 12:42:34 PM

Elite Tribune – June 4, 2007
Issue 5

Today is the day! We have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes
working on version 2.0 of the Elite Script. This has been the talk of
the industry and today is the day it is finally revealed! With the new
script, a few things will change but most will stay the same.

As normal, you will not be penalized for missed surfing however by
request we are allowing advertisers to purchase ad packs even if they
have already surfed for the day. Also to clear up much confusion,
re-purchased ad packs will now appear the same day as being marked as
completed. Please keep in mind that these are still treated as cash outs
but instead of being processed to your payment processor, it will be
processed as a new ad pack.

Support tickets were purged allowing for us to start fresh because most
were pertaining to re-purchasing ad packs with cash out. Please use the
support ticket feature in your advertiser’s dashboard for all support
requests. The contact forum on the main page is for general inquiries
and response time is slower.

Like with all new things, we expect some growing pains so please bear
with us as we tend to any we may encounter. If you happen to notice
something that may need tweaked or changed, please submit a support
ticket letting us know.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Chris and Derik
Elite Internetwork
Elite Ad Share
Jun-5-2007 02:36:32 AM

Elite Ad Share will be updating our script. Effective immediately the
system will be down for 3 hours max. We will be up and running with the
new version of the script no later than 10pm server time. Sorry for any
inconvenience however this is a necessary update. More news will follow
upon reopening.

Chris and Derik
Elite Internetwork
Jun-3-2007 03:12:38 PM

Hi, Everyone! :-)
Ok, we saw that C88 was moving back up, but we did not expect the big
move that happened today! What a pleasant surprise for all of us! :-)
Yes, we administrators have C88 accounts, too, so we are more than thrilled
along with all of you that things are really moving back up even quicker
than we imagined! Just wanted to say another thank you to all of you who
have been sending prayers, e-mails, texts, and calls full of support.
Looks like we are on our way back up! :-D
Ads By Vision
Jun-3-2007 03:07:57 PM

Just another message before I continue my Trip. Tried to make the last
remaining pay outs, and after 5 the e-gold server get a problem. E-Gold now
is a real problem.
Finished Alertpay and E-Bullion, the rest will follow and we are then
going back to normal.
I make it clear to everyone - When I send you a mail and you do not
respond to it within 72 hours, your account will be placed as pending.
Start sending first private mails after I can finish the last pending pay

Many thanks to the Members who have donated to the system by requesting a
cash out. A clear indicator that you did not read my news.

A nice Sunday from
Jun-3-2007 03:07:07 PM

I want to welcome all the new members to 143DAILYGOLD. We are working
around the clock making this the premier traffic exchange company on the net

Well guys, 143DAILYGOLD is exploding! We have been in business for one
All I can say is what an exciting first week of business we∙ve had at
143DAILYGOLD. Our membership level is exploding. It goes without saying
that we have grown far beyond our expectations. .

First of all, I∙d like to talk about our forum in www.moneymakergroup
(MMG) ,www.talkgold.com (TG), http://www.dollardeluge.com (DDGuard),
www.kingofdollars.com (KOD) and www.carigold.com (CG). I encourage all our
members to create an active account in the respective forum mentioned. This
is a great place for members to meet and greet other members of
143DAILYGOLD and also discuss general about 143DAILYGOLD. Issues concerning
your personal account can be best dealt with by submitting a support ticket.

We have really enjoyed doing business with E-GOLD. Currently we are
accepting upgrades via E-GOLD. We will be accepting upgrades by credit
cards and Alertpay in the very near future by them as well.

We are very proud to announce the very first 143DAILYGOLD Contest soon. We
will have it posted the details of the referral contest in the respective
forum mentioned. Make sure you go and check it out.

Steven Mape,
Jun-2-2007 10:51:58 PM

Just wanted to touch base for a moment. Looks like things are finally beginning to progress a bit here at
Coastin88. The daily % has begun to rise a little each day, and we do believe it will continue to do so. It will
take a little longer to be back to the old swing most of us were used to because of the large number of active ad
packs at Coastin88. Most of the restructuring is complete, and we should begin seeing things get back to a more
normal flow in the days ahead. Thanks, as always, for being a part of us here at Coastin88! :-)
Ads By Vision
Jun-2-2007 08:35:19 AM

Did a few more days of pay outs and therefore cash out request stays at
100% till all pending are done.

I had based ABV on the fact that e-swift as payment processor would be
included, which is not and they will not do it, even they should know that
e-gold is not anymore the currency it was. There is no out exchange,
business who did accept e-gold do not anymore.

So as well has ABV to change right now from the financial cash flow level
I should close. Which I will not, Fakt are that cash out requests will be
paid by e-swift and e-bullion, alertpay as well, e-gold only if there is
enough in return I will not waste any more single dollar for getting enough

In the Future payments are made with the currency available without paying
huge amounts of money to get it exchanged.

So everyone needs to sign up for a e-swift account ask your Upline or send
me your e-swift username and I will place it in promotion.

So I hope all is clear, surf purchase advertisement if you like and
promote, free members will be upgraded to gold.

The referral contest as well be shown when ready and the winners will be
informed, but give me the time to do my job generate money :>). I check all
links if nobody has referred himself, I found one just a few minutes ago, I
will without mercy delete all his accounts.

Airport is a nice experience and got a lot of time to work.

A happy weekend to you. stfmonitor

Jun-1-2007 01:01:53 PM

The last few weeks have been challenging here at CEP, as we were
advised to keep certain information from the public. As most of you are
aware, this is against our usual character, as we constantly strive to be
quite transparent with our members. We have finally been given permission
to explain what is happening here at CEP.
We had been given some mis-information regarding the proper
registration of ColonEndParenthesis as an investment company several
months ago. This, followed by the large growth we had in the last few
months, triggered an informal investigation by the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission. We have been working with them and
have been providing all information requested so that we can get through
this ordeal as quickly as possible, but our attorney has told us that it
will be at least several weeks before we have any answers. We recognize
that several weeks is a long time, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
We do not know what the end result will be for ColonEndParenthesis, though
we are actively seeking to be properly registered and set up with the SEC
so that we can continue to provide our services to members who live in the
United States. We will likely have to restructure much of the way the
program works if it is to continue to provide services wit!
hin the United States. We have been advised by our attorney to avoid
making any transactions in or out until a decision has been made, and this
includes pending payouts and compounds. Thus, the only activity that can
happen within CEP at this time is error fixing.
We realize that this may come as a surprise to many of you just as it
did us when we received the first mailed notification that
ColonEndParenthesis was under an informal investigation by the SEC.
Please be assured that we are continually thinking of ways to ensure that
everyone is protected here, though it is unlikely that we will be allowed
to implement any of those ideas until decisions have been made. We will
do everything we can to protect our members, as we have always done in the
past. The protection and safety of all of our members has always been
our top priority, and that will not change during this time. CEP was put
together to help people and to keep people safe in an industry where many
get hurt. We have accomplished this goal for longer than any other
business in this industry, and we will continue to do so in the future.
We have been notified that some members may receive phone calls from
the SEC asking questions. It is totally your choice as to whether or not
you want to answer their questions, but we would encourage you to
truthfully answer any questions you are able to answer as it would likely
aid the SEC in their investigation of ColonEndParenthesis. We know that
we have not hurt any of our members throughout the last year and a half,
and we would appreciate it if our members would cooperate with the SEC so
that they may also know how well we have treated all of our members. We
will continue to keep you informed as we are able to do so. Thank you
very much for your continued support and prayers. We look forward to the
resolution of this in the future. Take care until next time, thanks again
so much for your patience!
DesertSky Marketing
Jun-1-2007 12:58:49 PM

I've enabled the cashout button. You may request your cashout any time
today or tomorrow. In order to cashout the most, you should make your
cashout request on Friday, June 1st server time. :-)

I realize the cashouts from May 18th are still pending. However, the
mass pay file has already been sent to CEP for processing. I talked to
Trevor on Sunday and he stated, "I still have the masspay file, but it
could likely be a few weeks before another [payments] is made for DSM.
Just so you know. ;-)"

Therefor, most of you will end up having two cashouts in "pending"
status. The bump in the road for CEP does affect DSM since upgrades funds
are actually put to work in order to make a profit so we can payout more
than we take in. While this "bump" has caused the last DSM payments to be
a little late, they will come. We will continue surfing out the ad packs
and requesting cashouts.

All ad packs are almost expired, so we're very close to our goal of
paying all of our members all of their rebates.

As soon as the DSM Egold account is funded (having a little trouble with
this one), the hand full of members who are being paid out to Egold from
May 4th cashout requests will be paid. This should happen no later than
next week.

Once all the current ad packs have expired and been paid, DSM will
re-open! I will give all current DSM members all the details as soon as I
am able, but definitely before the general public gets them. :-)

Happy Surfing,

DesertSky Marketing
A CEP Company
CEP Coast
May-31-2007 06:25:41 AM

As you probably already noticed, CEP Coast has recovered quite well
after most of the re-structuring. One more modification we have to make is
the number of sites required to rate and view in order to earn commissions
daily. It has currently been 15, but this number will be raised to 30
required sites to view and rate effective tomorrow, May 31st. This is more
attractive to our advertisers, as their sites are viewed in a quicker
timescale this way. Thank you for your continued support. Take care until
next time! :-)
Ads By Vision
May-31-2007 06:23:10 AM

A great welcome to all new Members.

Still waiting for the Exchange to e-gold taking Place, paid until the
account was empty. :>).

Right now I am finally checking the option changing from the present
script to another one.

Better option I believe to stay with the one having now without E-Swift as
all Members should be transferred manually for which definetly I do not get
the time to do so.

Bonus where added to the accounts check it out and happy surfing with ABV.


My Mobil News - Your fast service provider

Ads By Vision
May-29-2007 04:14:20 PM

Promote the Site till 31.6.07 after that Date no more new Members accepted.

Tomorrow a pay out will take place.

Websites submitted for approval without credits added to it, are deleted.

We move in to the Future - which direction I will let you know on 1.6.2007.

Fact are that not a single gold or golden eagle member will lose.

What Ads By Vision was made for to confirm it did and even more, that is all what is counting.

The Ones who have upgraded their accounts during the last few days will find there bonus added to it.

So will the First Deposit Members.

Now You can proof your commitment with Ads By Vision, every Free Member with an active account will get Updated,
and lowered as well the minimum cash out request amount. So I will have either your e-gold, e-bullion, or Alertpay
account on file.

Still waiting for having E-Swift integrated but I do not make me a headache anymore not in on 31.5.07, then Plan B
goes in action, I am not mind it anymore.

By the Way http://www.mymobilnews.com stays as it is for Security reason manual cash out within 28 hours or less.

What Forum we use while Safelist has gone in sleep mode till september, what I am ablosutley not get, will be
public on 1.6.07 as well and I am in high mood to get our own up who is run by the members without admin
interference as long as the reality and truth is displayed.

The next few Days will make it clear to where Ads By Vision is heading to.

With Best Wishes
Turnstyle Profit Share
May-29-2007 08:07:37 AM

A lot of members are asking why it appears that I am paying randomly, lol.
There is a method to my madness, honest!

I am paying from the top of the list down, but it also has to be based on
payment processor.

Most of the skipped members have been skipped because they still have
e-gold as their processor. I can not pay to e-gold so I can not pay these

Last week I paid only to AlertPay members, so you saw a lot of members
skipped that used CEP Trust. Now today I paid only to CEP members, so if
you use AlertPay I had to skip you today.

Some people have been switching their processor back and forth between
AlertPay and CEP and now they have managed to miss both last week and this
week's pay run!

So you see, it is impossible to go perfectly in order, but I am trying my

Jessica & Mike
Turnstyle Profit Share
Turnstyle Profit Share
May-29-2007 08:05:35 AM

Another round of payments has been made.

People have been asking why their cash balance has been changed to $0.00
where they had a balance before. The cash balance in your account has been
incorrect ever since we closed! It didn't mean anything because it was an
old number. We just never got around to cleaning out the database until
now. Now all accounts have been reset to $0.00

For an accurate report of how much rebate we owe you and what has been
paid, please use the link towards the bottom of the
TurnstyleProfitShare.com homepage, or you can go directly there by using
this link:


Jessica & Mike
Turnstyle Profit Share
Coastin 88
May-27-2007 05:32:19 AM

Greetings, Everybody! :-)

Just wanted to take a moment and remind you that Monday, May 28th, 2007, is a bank holiday. This means there will
be no coasting available that day and all support staff will have off. During coast holidays, no ad packs can be
purchased and the coast bar is turned off. Members can choose to cashout during the day and the automated payouts
will be working, but no other features will be available. A Coast Holiday Schedule is available on the login page
of the site so that all members can see the other holidays throughout 2007. Enjoy your holiday, Everyone! :-D And
thanks, as always, for being a part of us here at Coastin88! :-)


PS We have made some more headway on our re-structuring, and you should see the daily % begin to climb a bit
again due to the restructuring. :-) It will likely be a slow build, but we know the changes that have been made
will benefit the business and the members for the long run. Take care until next time! :-)
May-26-2007 03:54:00 PM

25 May 2007

A3Union Investment Certificates

Starting this Wednesday A3Union offer a new feature - Investment Certificate. These certificates will be offered to every investor for every deposit made to A3Union accounts.

This means you don't just have our word on your principal guarantee, you have our signature and seal under the loan contract terms and details. This definitely should allow all A3Union customers to gain more confidence and guaranties.
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