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HYIP News Updates
Apr-21-2007 03:48:07 AM

Hello Everyone,
All the payouts have been processed and the Daily LSP is already rising. The LSP is already up to 8% and will
reach 16% again in no time!
Gold Miner bonus was not credited as we moved the deposits from the 17th. We cannot recompute and add the bonus
now. So Gold miners will not get the 3% bonus from yesterday. We are sorry and there is nothing we can do now! Gold
Miner bonus will be credited properly from next payout onwards!
As you all know we were attacked and we came back online in 48 hours! Myself (Andrew) and Mathieu have worked day
and night working on the site for getting the DDos protection and also changed the servers. However, we are back
now and this is what matters the most! We would also like to thank you all for supporting us in the testing times.
There is no stopping us now!
We have recently changed the banner image URLs for the banners. Please refer to the new banner image URL in the
members area and use those. The old banner image URLs still work but it is highly recommended to use the new ones.
If you have a Profit Mining banner in your signature at a forum then please update the banner image URL to the new
one. You can find them all in the Member area under Referrals section.
Please vote for us using the quick vote feature. Please ignore the monitor status from Investdaddy and Goldpoll.
They need to update the status and we have already sent them an email request.

Vote for Investdaddy here:


Regards to Everyone,
Andrew and Mathieu
Apr-20-2007 03:53:39 PM


Here are some important news about my program!
First, I am not happy at all: I checked a few accounts some hours ago and discovered what I could call a large
"sponsor fraud" that concern about 100 accounts for a concerned amount of about $5000. All these accounts have been
frozen, and their owners will receive an individual email.
Due to this massive fraud, all accounts will be checked, one by one, before Monday and all commissions abusively
received and already paid back to the accounts' owners will be deducted from the balance. In some extreme cases,
the account will be canceled.

Now, some good news! Well, you are now more than 5000 to have an account with a positive balance, in my program!
Isn't it great? Oh... By "positive" balance, I mean "balance from $10".

To serve you better, the website will migrate to another server during the week-end. We were hosted until now on a
"Virtual Private Server" (VPS), we will now have our own "Dedicated server" on which we will also have strong anti
attack protection.

On this new server, the Support will be done through a "ticket" system, in English, German, Russian and Malaysian!
I will care of the messages in English, and 3 people will care of the support in other languages.

The transfer process will begin "now". It is Friday evening in HK, and the transfer should be completed on Sunday
evening. There won't normally be any downtime of the website during the transfer, all accounts will be fully
available. The only thing that can (and will probably be) a bit longer is the payment delays, as they will be
processed manually during the transition period. Anyway all payouts will be completed on Sunday evening, and all
will resume to normal on Sunday evening too.

The forum will be closed during an hour on Sunday afternoon (HK time), time to backup and install the database on
the new server.

Last, the SSL "certificate" will change, so your browser will ask you to "accept" it. Just do it one time and all
will work fine.

New server? In May, also new rules will apply:

- Accounts with a balance under $10 will be closed and the balance will be refunded. People have to understand
that "investing" is not playing with $2 or $3... or even less. Moreover, I noticed that it is micro-accounts'
owners that write me ten times a day, I am sorry but I must concentrate on serious INVESTORS :)

- Sponsoring commissions will be counted on the profit received and not on the sums invested. That will eliminate
most of frauds, and the commissions will be based on the investment length AND amount, and not only on the amount.
The details will be announced at the end of April.

And now again a very good new: Due to my trading results in the first quarter of my program (I opened on Feb
1st!), I will distribute an extra bonus to all accounts! This bonus is 2% of the average daily account balance in
April, and will be paid on May 1st. Isn't it great again ? :)

Well that's all for now! It's evening in HK but it is also time to work, for me! To work for you, as I have a few
emails, I see :)

I wish you a great week-end!


Liz Waren
1.20% daily compounding
DesertSky Marketing
Apr-18-2007 07:07:38 PM

I've finally completed marking all the cashout requests from April 6th as processed in your DSM back office. Some
of you may have received an email between Saturday and today letting you know that you've been paid. This
notification is for the payment you received on Friday, April 13th.

The members who are cashing out through the special DSM CEPtrust account will still see their payments as pending.
I have initiated an egold purchase and transfer of funds to move money to AlertPay. Once these accounts are
funded, I will process your payments. :-)

Happy Surfing,

DesertSky Marketing
A CEP Company
Apr-17-2007 09:01:32 PM

Dear Members!

I hope that all is right for you: Family, health, business, etc! Financially, I am pretty sure that you feel well,
as you invested in my program :)

I would like to tell you about one modification, about sponsoring. Until now, the sponsor rate was 5% of the
invested funds. Well, this was a high amount, especially because I wanted to make my program known! Now, itrade4u
is WELL known :) That is why the sponsoring rate is now of 2% of all invested funds.

Also, I would like to remain you that sponsoring means introducing REALLY NEW investors. I consider that a wife, a
husband, a kid, isn't a NEW investor assuming that you live with him or her! Also, I would like to tell once more
(it is written in the "rules" but probably some of you didn't find the time to read them completely :) that I will
not, never correct the sponsor ID of any account. Some people tell me "I did a mistake, my sponsor is not XXX, it
is YYY"! Well, how is it possible to make such a mistake? It looks strange for me! Anyway, NO change will never be

Well, what else? The local pages are here as you could see: German, French, Russian, Malaysian, Romanian, Spanish
and Portuguese soon! Each translator is the sponsor of all new Members who will sign up from the local pages. This,
until the end of April. And as I am a honest person, I will add some funds to those of them who don't get many
commissions! I assume that Romanian people will not invest massively into my program, for example :)

It is Spring, did you see? I hope you like my new design and splash screen :)

I wish you ALL THE BEST! Health, Love, and Money! In this order :)


Liz Waren
1.20% daily compounding
Apr-17-2007 06:40:59 PM

Just wanted to let everyone know we are going to have some downtime tonight. We are going to be making some
needed server adjustments and adding in the securities needed to integrate the debit card into our script. Please
remember to try and surf before 9pm EST. If you cannot get into surf, do not worry as you will not lose any
earnings. We do not like doing this but it is needed to get the debit card integrated. Please do not send in any
support tickets concerning lost earnings as you will lose nothing. All pending cashouts will be paid before
downtime. We promise to try and complete this process in a timely manner.

the needed updates/upgrades without problems.

Please post this to all forums.

Jack Cobb
Maximum Admin
DesertSky Marketing
Apr-16-2007 05:35:53 PM

Our server hosting provider had a major power outage around midnight server time on April 15th. This made it
impossible for the earnings script to run and give rebates for surfing done on April 14th.

To make up for this, today will be a 2% earnings day! This will bring everyone up to where they should be with
their rebates.

Happy Surfing,

DesertSky Marketing
A CEP Company
CEP Coast
Apr-16-2007 09:06:13 AM

Hi, Everyone! :-)

Just wanted you to know that we have not yet been able to get the
automated payout script working again yet. So, we are going to go back to
the old manual method for a few days until Clayton is able to re-program the
automated payout script and get it working for us. This means that you will
not see payouts quite as frequently as you would with automated payouts, but
we will get on and run them multiple times throughout the day. So, you
should see the payouts happen within a few hours. As of right now, all of
the payouts for the 15th of April have been complete.

There are still some payouts from the last few days of glitches that did
not go through. If you have not already done so, please do submit a ticket
at this time with your CEP Trust account number, the amount of the payout
that did not show up in your Trust account, and the date the payout was
supposed to be sent. We will be going through these tickets over the next
few days and should have everything caught up soon. Thanks again for your
patience! It truly looks like there should not be any other glitches of this
nature again, as everything appears to have been updated properly at CEP
Trust. :-) Take care until next time! :-D

Apr-16-2007 09:05:17 AM

We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we have not been able
to get the automated payout script up and working again yet, so we are going
to the old manual method for a few days until Clayton is able to re-program
the automated payout script and get it working for us. This only means that
you will not see cash outs done quite as frequently as you would with the
automated payouts.

We will be on multiple times throughout the day to run the payouts for
our members. You should see payouts happen with in a few hours of each other
each day until we get the automated system running again.

As of right now, all of the payouts for the 15th of April have been

There are still some payouts from the last few days of glitches that did
not go through. If you have not already done so, please do submit a ticket
at this time with your CEP Trust account number, the amount of the payout
that did not show up in your Trust account, and the date the payout was

We will be going through these tickets over the next few days and should
have everything caught up soon. Thanks again for your patience! It truly
looks like there should not be any other glitches of this nature again, as
everything appears to have been updated properly at CEP Trust.

Again please make sure if you send a ticket in that it has the info
requested in this e-mail so we can take care of you as soon as possible...If
the ticket does not have the info then we have to send it back asking for
more info and that slows everyone down.

Also if you have people that are in your support line please let them
know as updates come in as some do not check the news and e-mails as much as
others. :-)

Thank You,
Maximum Network
Apr-15-2007 10:45:28 PM

Maximum Network

We hope everyone has had a GREAT week! This has been a very busy week for us. With all of the problems with
EGold and paying out manually to that processor has left me swamped. I would like to take the time to update
everyone on what is going on with each program.

Due to the problems with EGold, payments to that processor have been a little slower than usual. We are also
aware of the problem where 3 or 4 double payments were made due to their system being slow. We have contacted
these members and asked them to return the amount or have it deducted from your cash balance. You will only have
until tomorrow morning to contact us. All payments that were missed on the 11th when EGold was down are all caught
up. If there is a chance we missed you, please contact us.

Maximum Network is looking for another moderator for our forum. Please contact us if you are interested in the
I have noticed in one forum a few members making a bit of conspiracy over our choice to provide free 30-day VIP
packages to TriStar members. Please remember that most of these people have their money tied up. We are asking
them to provide a screenshot of their account as proof of their funds being tied up. You can think conspiracy all
you want but there is nothing wrong with giving a helping hand. This is just our nature and such comments are not
appreciated. I understand this is just your opinion but it is better to ask than to point fingers.

Planet-Trust – Total Cashouts Processed: $592,920.82

We have enabled Premium Sites for purchase! These sites will be the first seen through our surf rotator and will
be sold at $25 per seven days. Please contact us for details. Premium sites will also be manual surf sites that
each user will be required to view when surfing.
We are fixing minor problems within our script as we go. Please be patient if you are experiencing problems.
These are minor issues and we are looking to have them completed shortly. We had a problem with the daily
percentage a few days ago. This was due to a modification we had done for the program. We will have to push back
the launch date of Level X for another week until we figure it out.

The free Ambassador packages will also be given away at midnight tonight. I will announce the winners in our
forum and by Email. The packages will be 100% renewable and free to try for 30-days. We appreciate seeing all of
the nice votes on the monitors.

We will also be launching a new Leaders Level in Planet-Trust. We are still working on the details of this level.
This level will be perfect for you recruiters out there but will have strict policies. We will be offering this
package at as a limited time offer.

Planet-Trust will also be shutting its doors to new members soon. If you are currently not an active upgraded
member, you will be deleted from our system. We will be limiting our growth to 1000 members per month. This will
take place on 4/30/2007.


I have noticed over the past two weeks that voting for this program has slowed. I know that I process 10 times
more payments than votes each day. I would like for everyone receiving their cashouts to vote for TwilightADZ.
The monitor buttons are located on our main page and you may click on them to vote. All of your payments are done
very fast. I don’t see why there is a problem in some taking two minutes of your time to vote. If the voting does
not increase, we will begin making voting mandatory for requesting cashout. This discourages me as it shows me a
loss of respect for the program.

I know some of you were counting on raising the ROI. We are still working on this. We cannot change the over all
ROI because it will cause your ad-packs to expire pre-mature and you could lose money. We have not found a fix for
this as of now.


We will be doing another round of final payments tonight and tomorrow morning. Please be patient as these
payments are manual and time consuming. You will all be paid in full. We are setting the launch date for the new
and improved program this week. Please stay tuned to ASAMonitor and GEM Monitor for details. For those of you who
missed out on the Ambassador package in PT, you will have another opportunity here. Do not miss out.

Jack Cobb
Maximum Admin
Apr-15-2007 06:08:06 PM

Hi, Everyone! :-)
For some reason, the Coastin88 site is very slow today. We have turned off the coast bar for today, and
everyone will receive credit for coasting. You can still cashout and make purchases today with no problem. You
simply do not have to coast. We will look into the cause of the sudden slowness. Thank you for your patience!
Hope this helps you today! :-D
CEP Trust
Apr-14-2007 06:25:36 AM

Thankfully, CEP Trust now seems to be in full-working order again. This
means that everything should be working smoothly on our end, as well, now.
However, over the last few days, some of the automated payouts did not
complete correctly. Many of you have already submitted tickets. If you have
not received a payout and have not yet submitted a ticket, please go to your
Coastin88 member area and click on Support to do so. We are manually going
through each account and confirming those who did not receive payouts. When
we have completed the process of going through this list, we will send all of
them out in a masspay. Thank you for your patience as we manually verify
each of these instances over the last two days. Now that CEP Trust is fixed,
we should not be seeing this error again. Thank you for your patience and
cooperation! We will have all of this fixed as quickly as we can! :-)
Apr-12-2007 09:26:11 PM

At the moment we are still waiting on outside money to come in.

We do not have an expected date as to when cashouts will be enabled, but continue surfing and earning and we will
keep you updated on the income streams as soon as we know them.
Apr-12-2007 08:01:05 AM

I am aware of the daily percentage problem with PT. We are in the middle of finding this error now. I apologize
for this and I know you all understand growing pains and a new system. We will make sure you all are compensated
tonight. I will lift the daily percentage above 12%. Please do not send in support tickets about missing
earnings. I will make sure you are all more than satisfied. Please post this around to the forums (ASA, MMG,
ETC). We appreciate your patience. Also, we have been having problems making EGold payments today. We will be
resuming these payments ASAP. I know some say they are completed and they are not. These payments are put in our
holding area until EGold is functional again.
MaximumSurfing: Urgent Update
Apr-9-2007 09:01:43 PM

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and holiday (if it applies). I
want to let everyone know that Planet-Trust is 120% working and
functional again after the downtime on Saturday. What happened was
that we had a firewall installed that day. When I reset the server,
the site never came back up. This was due to a faulty configuration
of the firewall. The firewall was not allowing the script to
communicate with the activation server. This will not happen again.
Anyone who surfed the day was paid and all pending payouts from that
day were also paid even though the site was down.

Even though the site was down, we do have backup sites which we can
use at any time. These sites are 100% functional and can be used in
case of any long-term downtime. That day I had my sisters wedding
and believe me, I was biting my nails to get in front of a computer
and fix the site. The hotel I was staying at had wireless internet
access but for some reason would not let me access the control panel
for our server. I figured out the problem when I came home. I
apologize for the downtime and we will take measures to see that it
doesn’t happen in the future. If you did not surf that day, your
ad-packs will automatically be extended. You did not or will not
lose earnings. There are no surf holidays. I want to thank everyone
for being patient and showing your support.

I hope everyone is going out to vote for Planet-Trust. Remember, by
voting on any or all of the monitors on the main page of Planet-Trust
you can win a free 30-day ambassador package. You will also be able
to purchase the renewals as well. I have also increased the daily
ad-pack purchase limit from $1000.00 to $1100.00. This will be
increased periodically over time (as we grow). I have also added a
3rd cashout for VIP members. You will now be able to cashout 3 times
every 12 days. Please be sure to use these wisely.

Just to let everyone know that when we achieve a nice level of
upgrades in Planet-Trust, we will be reopening the ambassador package
for purchase. Please be sure to help make sure upgrades are strong on
a daily basis. As of this morning, we have now processed over
$303,184.00 in cashouts. We have not even completed our second
cycle! The ambassador package will become available based upon
growth and ad-pack sales. Some advertisers have also asked us to
auction one off. This maybe a possibility as the value of the
package is priceless. Anyone who has one will know this. If we
decide to auction 1 package, you will pay the auction price once and
pay $100 every 30-days after.

Many people are asking why they are not earning referral commissions.
Please see our cashout section in our Terms of Service. You may not
earn more than your current ad-pack level in referral commissions.
This prevents people from purchasing $5 in ad-packs and racking in
the commissions. This eventually leads to a failure of any program.
If you have a $10 ad-pack and your referral purchases $1000.00 in
ad-packs. You will not get the commissions from this purchase as the
commissions are more than $10.00. Also, if you have only a $10.00
ad-pack you will only earn the full commissions once. You will have
to purchase more ad-packs to receive more commissions. This keeps
the system fair and sustainable for everyone. This program has one
of the longest life projections I have ever seen with a high ROI.
With your help, we can all make this work for a very, very long time.
All of you have my word that I will always do what it takes for the
survival of the program. I will provide you a program that you don’t
have to worry and you can sleep good at night knowing we will be here



Just a note to let everyone know, our account audit is finished. We
now know what everyone is owed and instead of surfing the rest of
your ad-packs. Some advertisers that have requested their earnings
be transferred to TwilightADZ have already been paid and will be
marked in your history. If you have not been paid yet, please be
patient. We will be done payments by the end of this week for
everyone. We have had a few problems along the way which caused a
slight delay. Everyone will be paid their remaining balance with

Jack Cobb
Maximum Admin
Apr-8-2007 05:07:40 AM

Just to let everyone know that I am aware of Planet-Trust being down.
I am working to get the problem fixed. We just had a dedicated
firewall installed today and it is not letting the script communicate
the way it is supposed to.

I am hoping to get this resolved tonight and will keep you all
posted. No one will lose any earnings and I promise to keep you all
up to date.
Apr-7-2007 12:25:01 AM

Prior to James becoming a partner in DailyROI, I had already made arrangements for the
plans which are currently being implemented. OneMeg Global LLC prior to it registering as
a Limited Liability Company was a sole proprietorship I had been using for a few years for
contracting myself out. It has a business history, bank accounts, and credit. I chose this
to be the company that DailyROI will be registered under. DailyROI is an assumed name now
under OneMeg Global LLC. BoxerDog IT Group was recently incorporated in the state of
Nevada as a class C non-public corporation. This is one of my primary businesses in which
I provide my IT consulting services. Being that BoxerDog is now a C-Corp, I will be
incorporating all the businesses into it. An Informal agreement was made between the both
of us to the extent that his influence and reputation would grant him half of the
responsibility, thus half the ownership. He is currently a responsible party of DailyROI.
DailyROI’ s genealogy to OneMeg and BoxerDog does not make it necessary to include James
as an Officer, Trustee, Manager, Owner, or Shareholder since they are only including
DailyROI for taxation purposes as well as to receive the benefits which come with being a
corporation. James has been half of DailyROI since November 1, 2006 and remains as such.
Set aside any assumptions to the contrary. As DailyROI expands it will under the umbrella
of is parent companies and James is 50% partner of DailyROI and any new additions. This
would include the xROI Network which is at this time only a DBA and domain name. As we
grow and there is a necessity for the time and expense of acquiring the xROI Network, it
will be made so.
4Newbies Marketing
Apr-6-2007 04:18:56 AM

As the weekend approaches, I wanted to take this time and notify you of some updates:

1. Percentage Crediting Glitch - 5% Bonus Day

There was a glitch in the script that was causing members accounts to not be credited
properly for surfing. I have pinpointed it and taken the proper steps so that it does not
happen again.

Becuase of the script no one was credit today for yesterdays surfing. Every one was
credit Wednesday only 1.91% for Tuesday's surfing.

To make up the difference I will be making today a 5% Bonus Day.

Thanks to the members that helped me in pinpointing the source of the problem.

2. Cashouts

Cashouts will be completed tomorrow. Those members that had e-Gold and Alert Pay in
their profiles were denied. Those members on the special e-Gold/Alert Pay list will be
paid as soon as the funds are transfered to the appropriate processors. Please note that
there was ample time given to be added to this list. That time is not over. Please create
a CEP Trust account in order to be paid, http://www.ceptrust.com

3. Easter Sunday Surf Holiday

Everyone will be credited for Sunday's surfing. Take the time off to enjoy your lives,
surroundings, family, friends, pets, and anything else I might have left out.

4. New Command Site

Matt, who I work with from the Command sites, is spearheading the new Command program,
Ads On Command. It features 2% advertising rebate for 100 days and accepts e-Gold and CEP
Trust. You can cash out once every 7 days.

The link is http://www.adsoncommand.com

It is still in Pre-Launch for Command members and 4Newbies members. The official Launch
date is this Saturday, April 7th which just happens to be Commands 1 YEAR Anniversary.

5. Partnerships

I have been actively and successfully pursuing partnerships. There is a new section for
Preffered Partners of 4Newbies. Please take some time and visit it often. New
partnerships are continuously being finalized.


6. Forum, Store and Toolbar

The 4Newbies Forum is continously being updated and is taking on a life of its own. We
will be offering you yet another way to make money, just by being a part of the forum.
Stop by any time for anything. Whether its an account issue, a new opportunity you came
across, or just to say how much you love us. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.


The 4Newbies Store is almost complete. Soon anyone will be able to purchase 4Newbies
merchandise at great prices. Once the site and products are finalized a link will be made

The 4Newbies Toolbar is in it final stages of custimaztion. It will be a great tool to
have to keep up date to with all the latest happenings. It will pratically be your forum
away from home. You can read RSS updates straight from the toolbar, listen to music,
search the web powered by Google, link to all sites in the 4Newbies network and partner
sites, check the weather, block pop-ups, and much more. All with no security risks and no
personal information. It's simply another way that we are trying to help you stay

Well, that's about it for now. Have a good weekend.

Please visit the forum for the latest information:


Have a good day


A CEP Company
Apr-5-2007 01:07:50 AM

Today you may have noticed Planet-Trust had some downtime. We are currently making some
security adjustments to our server and script. Please do not panic as we add some
features that will make your advertising experiance more secure.

This morning you may have received an Email saying that there was a change in your
profile. This was just a test that was performed due to the encryption of some of the
information in the database today. There is nothing to worry about unless your
information is incorrect.
Apr-4-2007 06:00:12 PM


The card purchase option is now available for members residing in the Continental United States. We put a lot of effert and a great deal of planning into making this a reality for the members. After a simple verification process and the initial transaction, members gain access to the card purchase form to make future purchases. Payments at this time will be made using AlertPay with plans to pay via ACH, Check and other processors shortly.
We have even more plans close to being launched. Our aim is to give our members every opportunity to realize their goals.

Mike Guttman
Administrator, DailyROI
OneMeg Global, LLC.
Mar-31-2007 06:42:13 AM

First of all, I want to congratulate and thank all of you for your support. In my previous blog post, I mentioned that we reached a new level of 10,000 members. Today, our count totals over 12,500 users. Contrary to the predictions of many Please-Invest critics, our program is continuing to grow at a steady rate. As of today, we have been online and paying for exactly two months. We plan to continue to live up to our reputation and maintain our promising community for years to come.

New Forum
The staff and I are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new Please-Invest member forum: http://pleaseinvest.info/board/

The first 10,000 users have already been automatically signed up as their current Please-Invest user name. These users were already sent a password through e-mail. If you are one of these 10,000 users and you have not received your new password for the forums, please us the “recover password” function. Remember: ONLY the first 10,000 members have been signed up automatically; therefore, if you signed up after the end of the $2.50 bonuses, you will need to create a new user name and password on the forum.

If you have a question regarding the Please-Invest program, please come to our new forum and address your question before directly contacting me. Also, please feel free to use our forum to list your payment/withdrawal receipts and discuss other aspects of our program.

I have hired my friend, Roger (Roger1000), as a co-Administrator of our new Please-Invest forum. Roger is an older friend from the Eastern Coast of the United States. In the past, I have hired him to do website work and perform other various tasks for me.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the forum rules and policy, please ask Roger. Do NOT send Roger a message if your concern relates to the actual program’s functions; he is only the manager of the forums. He will not be able to change your e-gold account number, administer program bonuses, fix withdrawal errors, etc. Such concerns or questions are strictly my department. You may e-mail or send me a personal message if necessary.

As March 2007 nears to an end, we look forward to another exciting period of growth in the month of April!

Thank you for your time,
Please Invest Admin
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Jun 20th, 2018
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
0.33% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
1% daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
1% daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
2.1% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
1% daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
2.1% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
0.83% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
2% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
1% daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
1.5% daily and more
Jun 19th, 2018
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
2.1% daily for 7 days
Jun 18th, 2018
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
2% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
0.75% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
2% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
2% Daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
2.7% daily and more
HYIP program
Investment Offer:
1% daily and more
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1:38:30 5 October 2011
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