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HYIP News Updates
Mar-31-2007 01:37:33 AM

I hope everyone is having a GREAT week. I just wanted to let
everyone know that all of our sites are running phenomenal.
TwilightADZ has achieved 15% for today and Planet-Trust is getting
new signups on a daily basis. I want to take this time to explain a
little of what is happening with each program and a bit of
information about the program structures.



I was thinking yesterday and I feel as if our advertisers in the
program deserve an even greater benefit from the program. This is
optional and the choice is up to you. I was -going to use this model
for the new MaximumADZ. I was thinking of increasing the ROI of
TwilightADZ to 130% (10% for 13 days). The program structure itself
would be slightly changed to your benefit. Like I said, this is your
decision. We are going to place a 50/50 rule for upgrades $250.00 &
more. Daily cashouts for VIPs will still be available. I will be
watching over the forums but please come to our forum and let your
voice be heard. This re-structure will not take place if you don’t
want it. We will just put this model on the new MaximumADZ in a
worse case scenario. Compounding will also be available. I have no
problem with the way the program is now. I am just trying to create
a program standard for our network. This makes it easier for me when
I go to cashout everyone in three different sites.



We have fixed the problem where advertisers couldn’t cashout. Please
note that you may cashout anytime but you must realize that depending
on your level, you may only cashout X amount of times in a 12 day
period (you do not have to wait until you expire). This anytime
cashout feature allows you flexibility with your money. If you are
an advertiser and want to cashout on the 6th day, you must wait 12
days from that date until you can cashout again. I also want to let
people know why we require the 50/50 deposits to be made on the same
date as cashout request. This is because you are able to cashout
anytime and you can have daily deposits. This adds to program
stability. Any cashout not meeting the 50/50 rule on the same date
of cashout will be declined. This rule allows me to cash you out
quickly and allow you this flexibility.

Ambassador packages are sold out! We have received numerous deposits
direct spends from people demanding the package. This limit of the
package was made for stability. We can only allow so many
advertisers per 1000 to keep this stability. With this package, we
will also soon begin gradually increasing the daily upgrade limit.
People calculating our model seeing a possible flaw, do not see what
we are trying to achieve. With this package it allows advertisers
maximum flexibility. Flexibility is one of the main keys that can
decide the fate of any model. The limitation of this package and the
gradual increase of the daily cap of upgrades will sustain.

When we design a model, we put a lot of effort into program stability
to bring you the best benefit possible. Each program within our
network is tiered to bring you Maximum income potential. Moving your
earnings and cashouts between TwilightADZ, which VIPs can cashout
daily over Planet-Trust allows you to earn more from your profits &
earnings faster. TwilightADZ and Planet-Trust were tiered this way
for this reason. All of you Ambassadors & VIPs in Planet-Trust
automatically get VIP in TwilightADZ. If you are not in yet, please
consider this option.

Debit Cards


We have already processed our first orders of debit cards. Please
know that these debit cards are now available for international sale.
The cost of this card is $25.00 and can be paid to the processors
listed below. Please also send your picture ID to
DebitCard@mwhmail.com along with your payment information (reference
# or batch #). These debit cards are available to provide you even
more flexability and security of your money. All funds are FDIC
insured and protected, reduced upgrade fees and less money to receive
your cashout. Please remember to get your debit card as soon as
possible because the list is growing.


Jack Cobb

Maximum Admin
Online Capital
Mar-31-2007 01:34:26 AM

We would like to express our gratitude to all members
who have submitted their opinions, comments and
suggestions regarding the poll. Your opinion is very
important to us since we have certain goals to
accomplish and our main effort is to provide thousands
of members with access to high return programs and your
comments help us to determine demands of our investors
more adequately.

We have presented 4 vote options - Online Capital was
seeking wisdom from the clients and our expectations
were correct. Majority of the conservative members have
submitted their votes to leave the present rules
without changes. Openly speaking we were not planning
to make changes to the rules in the beginning however
the bonus abuse didn't leave any options for us - such
abuses would cause even more problems for the program
in the future.

The largest part of the votes received was regarding
the decrease of the minimum investment amount along
with enforcement of the current conditions for the
ability to withdraw interest which is paid on the bonus
amount. This option, for sure, is the most loyal
solution and we are delighted that most of the comments
and suggestions received by the management were
supporting this initiative.

Secondary favorite poll opinion was the complete
cancellation of the bonus for inactive accounts, this
fact really encouraged us since we finally realize that
our clients are interested in the program itself and
not the bonus. Intentions of the clients help us to
maximize our efforts and focus on future program
improvements which are both beneficial for us and the

A small amount of members voted for increase of the
minimum deposit and refunding the small investors. For
Online Capital along with the major alliances of large
investor groups besides private large investors this
option is the most attractive however such actions
could be classified as a strong annoyance to the
clients and would cause large amount of negative

The adapted rules are:

1.) Minimum deposit set to 10 USD!
2.) In order to be able to withdraw the interest paid
on the bonus, the total amount of deposits must
exceed 200 USD.
3.) We waive the fees for withdrawals of referal
commissions (www.e-gold.com withdrawals).

You have rights to express your suggestions and request
a refund if you find our actions to be unfair however
please notice that there is no altering or negotiations
since the decision was made and new rules are already

Best regards and warmest wishes:

Online Capital Team,
email: support@online-capital.com
www: http://www.online-capital.com
chat: http://www.online-capital.com/en/Default/Chat
Tel: +43 19280081
Fax: +43 19280079
Mar-29-2007 06:24:11 AM


I hope everyone’s week has started off nicely.


I would like to introduce our newest MaximumSurfing addition. MS-Moderator Kodiak. I
know he has already been helping many members in the forum. Kodiak has moderated other
forums and is always eager to help any of the members. I know he will be of help to many
members and to us here at Maximum Network. Welcome Kodiak, we are pleased to have you here.

There are a limited amount of Ambassador packages available. This option will only be
available at various times and will not be announced so if you are wanting this option,
keep an eye out for it in your MaximumSurfing members area in the upgrade link.

Debit cards are available to order now. You can get all the information about them in the


We know some folks are getting impatient waiting for their particular problem to get
fixed. There are reasons why some of your problems are taking much time. Many posts and
tickets are submitted with a problem that is not explained well such as “I can’t log in”.
This particular explanation tells us nothing. We don’t know what to do with this statement.
We need to know what happens exactly when you try to log in.

We have always taken care of the members in a speedy manner in the past and will do so in
the future but we have to have your help to do this.

In the future there is specific information we have to have to fix your problems and take
care of your accounts. If the specific information below is not given in tickets submitted,
or in the forum, you will receive the ticket back stating “Insufficient information given”.

When you submit a ticket or post in the forum, please give us the information below.

1.) Your name

2.) Your ID# along with the name of the program for which you are having a problem in
(i.e. MaximumSurfing, TwilightAdz, MaximumAdz, PlanetTrust)

3.) Your particular problem giving all details of what is happening to cause your problem.

4.) Pay processor name only if your problem has something to do with your payment or

We now have LIVE SUPPORT in the MaxChat room.
Mar-27-2007 05:09:27 PM

We have received another suspension notice. This time, from our Malaysian server as well.
There is no point in changing the servers again.

Firstly, I would like to ask you not to purchase any new positions. Once we changed the
servers the program has only went downhill. These are the stats so far:

total cash deposits: $17727.00
total withdrawals: $15625.24

Right now, we have $3700 in our E-gold Account after deducting advertising and server
expenses. As you must have guessed we are shutting now and will issue refunds
proportionately. I do not see any other way to it. I have tried my very best but I guess I
am not good enough!

Initial cost for programming and designing for me was about $1500. I have laid out all the
facts in front of you! I have not yet decided on how I will issue the refunds. Another
update will come your way later this evening regarding the refunds!

I am sorry I cannot keep this thing going! There were way too many obstacles with the
likes of people who made complaints to the hosting provider.

I have both the letters that were sent to our hosting providers in USA and Malaysia. I
will post them in the updates section!

Chris Wright
Mar-19-2007 03:14:22 PM

Effective Immediately

This is a change to the Terms of Service.

The 50/50 MUST be purchased from the account in which it will be paid or it will not
qualify. Cashouts will remain pending indefinitely until the 50/50 purchase is

This change is temporary until Tri-Star allows withdrawals.

The reason for this change is due to our inability to transfer funds from Money Changers
because of a loophole that has recently become an issue. Members are making larger non
Money Changer upgrades and making the smaller 50/50 purchase with Money Changers. This
would not be a problem, but Tri-Star has made it necessary for us to amend the rule to
reflect the current state and use of Money Changers in our program. We will still allow
the use of multiple processors, but if a cashout is greater then $1400 then the 50/50
upgrade will need to be made from the same processor as the cashout. Accounting for funds
is becoming more difficult due to how DailyROI was setup prior to the events regarding

This change is reflected in the published TOS on the Web site.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Acquiring of Desert Sky Marketing
Mar-10-2007 09:25:15 AM

Hi, Everyone! :-D
It is with GREAT joy that I announce we have been in discussion with Dustin from
DesertSkyMarketing about a way to make sure that all of his members can be reimbursed...in
fact, not just reimbursed, but also have a bit of profit (those of you who are familiar
with our first business, CEP, will recall my personal promise to all members...that
everyone would make profit through our programs. Period. We would not allow for any
exceptions. This has been applied here, as well, since DSM is now under the umbrella of
the CEP Family! :-D).
We are very excited about this. Not only do we now have Israel from
4NewbiesMarketing, an honest leader with integrity and impressive marketing skills, but we
now also have Dustin, another great man of integrity and a real heart for people. He also
has some computer skills, which we might just try to see whether he will add his skills
there to ours and help us with some of the scripts and such that we revamp from time to
time for efficiency. ;-) In all seriousness, though, this is a very good thing. We have
been able to put a plan in action to keep others from losing money, and that is the most
important objective one could find...especially in this industry where so many lose money.
It is a great thing that, at least these members as a result of this union, will not lose
any money. :-)
Certainly, once all current members at 4Newbies and DSM are reimbursed, we will be
able to implement a new business model that we have all been brainstorming recently, and we
know that the new models will do just as well, if not better, than the other business
models we have created thus far. We are excited to continue to serve all of you for many
years to come. Please welcome Dustin, DSM, and his members to the CEP Family! :-)
Online Capital
Feb-21-2007 05:55:20 PM

Technical Department Update

The IT department has completed the most recent update
cycle during which a full technical update was
conducted. The IT department resolved some of the minor
operations issues including resolving login
difficulties, updating the forgot password wizard:


and in order to further accommodate our clients we have
added a chat room:


This chat room allows immediate access to our
administrators so that we can further assist our
clients at all times.

In addition to changes to the website, we have added
new servers so that the website will be able to
maintain a high bandwidth network. We have built a
totally new remote center ~50 km outside of Vienna in
order to better serve all the needs of our clients.

We thank you for your patience while the updates were
conducted and look forward to continuing to provide you
excellent service

Best regards and warmest wishes:

Online Capital Team: support@online-capital.com
Tel: +43 19280081
Fax: +43 19280079

Version: German


Neuigkeiten aus der IT-Abteilung

Die IT-Abteilung hat alle technischen Systeme auf den
neuesten Stand gebracht, kleinere Schwierigkeiten wie
Probleme beim Anmelden wurden beseitigt, eine Funktion
um vergessene Passwörter wiederherzustellen wurde


und um unseren Kunden eine zusätzliche
Dienstleistung zu bieten, haben wir nun auch einen
eigenen Chatraum:


In diesem Raum wird es möglich sein,
seine Anliegen und Fragen direkt an eine Support-Person
zu kommunizieren.

Neben kleineren Änderungen an der Webseite, haben wir
neue Server installiert, welche eine viel größere
Geschwindigkeit im Netzwerk zulassen. Wir haben eine
neue technische Administrations-Einrichtung ~50km von
Wien entfernt auf die Beine gestellt, um unseren Kunden
ein noch besseres Service bieten zu können.

Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre Geduld während der
technischen Arbeiten und hoffen Sie auch in Zukunft mit
dem bestmöglichen Service zufrieden stellen zu dürfen

Best regards and warmest wishes:

Online Capital Team: support@online-capital.com
Tel: +43 19280081
Fax: +43 19280079
Feb-12-2007 08:17:18 PM

Dear EGeneration members,

We are happy to let you know that EGeneration Club online program has successful
operation for 5 months now and has developed one of the reputable and popular online
investment programs on the internet. We have made tremendous success and continue to
expand. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and hope you've enjoyed investing
in our club.

Because of constant development and successful investment performance, after much
discussion by administration team, we decide to offer more service for our members and
change some investment terms as well.

EGeneration Club is designed for serious investors, so the minimum deposit amount for
NEW Members will reach to $50 and begin to take effect at February 15, 2007. The
requirement excludes the members who has deposited in our club.

In response to client requests, we decide to accept bank wire for all members. The
minimum deposit through bank wire is $5,000. Your account will be credited as soon as we
receive the payment. It may take up to 1-5 business days. All payouts made via bank wire
will be subject to a fee $35. Please contact our support team for the detail instruction.

As always, we are here to assist you with any question or request you may have. Contact
us through contact form (http://www.egeneration.biz/index.php?page=contacts) or online
forum (http://www.egeneration.biz/forum/) and we will respond within 24 hours or less.
You also can contact us or our representatives through phone:
USA: +1-4152370566
Canada: +1-8193401266
Philippines: +63 926 672 3778
Ivory Coast: +225 05002880

With best regards,
EGeneration Team
DesertSky Marketing
Feb-9-2007 07:54:13 AM

We have hit another milestone. Yesterday DesertSky Marketing sold over
$100,000 in ad packs in only one day! Thank you for making DesertSky
Marketing such a huge success!

We have also paid in full (upgrades plus profit) all AlertPay members
from DSM-1. All, as in 100%, everyone, total, complete, etc. :-) Thee
are now just 71 Egold members who are owed a balance from DSM-1. We will
make payments these members this weekend and pay most of them in full as

Please check out our email sponsor. The CommandCorps programs have been
paying longer than any active surf site. Israel and Matt do a great job.
Their new surf program, CommandCharlie, offers you a good return and
automated cashouts. Check 'em out. :-)

Happy Surfing,

DesertSky Marketing
Feb-9-2007 07:37:01 AM


As You may know we have recovered ALL the 917HORSEPOWER missed
account from our old database.

There are now only a few things to be fixed and we are
already doing it with the help of our members.

We have noticed that some members still use our support desk
to send email about this matter.
We have already EXPLAINED that this should NOT be done!
It is VITAL for us that, members with lost 917HORSEPOWER
membership use the following address: dawkinsronald@yahoo.com
It’s also very important that the members use the mail only FOLLOWING
the instructions and not as a support.

In case that You have missed our last email with instructions
to recover your membership, here they are (917HORSEPOWER):

1. The people that have lost their account will be paid
without surfing on the NEW 917HorsePower.
2. The money due will be inserted in the new account
as cash balance approximately on the day of their
OLD upgrade expiration.

This is what You should do if You have lost Your
account on the OLD 917HORSPOWER website:

1. Search the more details that You have about Your
917HorsePower membership, for example:

- Your email and ID number
- e-gold account number
- dates of upgrades
- e-gold batches of upgrades and payout

2. send them to us to the following email
address with subject: LOST 917HP ACCOUNT.

Our email: dawkinsronald@yahoo.com


We please members who have had their accounts already restored,
to WAIT for our further instructions to CASH-OUT.

Feb-8-2007 11:58:52 AM

All Members,

If you are receiving this email, it means you have an account with us. If you a
currently active on DailyROI, then you are not affected.

If you have not logged in to your account recently and being that you did receive this
message, your account remains open. We are going to be cleaning up the database to keep
it at optimal performance today. If you are still interested and have plans to reactivate
your account, I recommend doing this soon. It would be a shame for those members who
worked hard to accumulate a downline.

From here on, we will be deleting any account that has not upgraded for 7 days. Accounts
without upgrades but have a pending payout will not be considered inactive and will not
be deleted until 7 days after the transaction is completed.

When accounts are deleted due to inactivity, recovery of that account is not possible.
To insure your account is not a risk of deletion, make sure you have at least 1 active ad

This is going to be a regular part of our regularly scheduled maintenance. Deletions
occur at 12AM server time the day after the last recorded transaction. We are growing
really fast and the database is growing as well. There is no need to waste any resources
that can be better utilized on active members.

Feb-5-2007 03:37:24 AM

Hello from Robert.

The sad day has finally arrived for us..

The sale of ConceptSurf has now been totally
completed and, from tomorrow, CS will be in the hands
of Ron and his Group.

Let me take the time to thank You all. You have given incredible
strenght to this program and it has been pleasant to work with You
for all this period.

Payouts up to the 01.31.2007 were of our competence, and
have been finalized. Sorry for the small delay due to
this change of ownership; during these days we have
been busy defining the last few details.

The comfort for us is to be sure of the strenght of the 917HP
group. Ron is very professional and proficient in this field.
During this month, working together on ConceptSurf, we have had
another proof of this. Even if I don\'t know him directly and our
contacts have mostly been by IM and phone, I am really glad
to leave CS in his hands.

There is nothing left to say for me but to wish Ron and his collaborators
Big fortunes; I can only anticipate You that he has BIG projects for ConceptSurf.

I am sure that I will meet many of You again in PS717 and AST.
Several different exciting news will be published soon and
many positive changes are almost ready on these websites.

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