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HYIP News Updates
Youmilex — Youmilex.com
Oct-23-2008 09:52:25 AM

we are glad to inform you that youmilex.com
investment platform now has a PTP (Paid To Promote)
upgrade installed. From now on you will be paid
$1 for every 1000 unique views of your referral

How does it work in detail? There are two new
fields in your member area now:

Accumulated Ref Credits

LifeTime Ref Credits

The first one represents the amount of ref credits
earned since the last "credits -> cash" conversion.
The second one represents the total amount of ref
credits earned while being our member. You earn 1
ref credit for every unique visitor and as soon as
you have 1000 "Accumulated Ref Credits" they are
automatically converted to a $1 cash bonus. This is
an LR bonus by default, but if you want to have it
in a different e-currency, just send us a support

Edward Taylor
Head Administrator
Euromillionbux — Euromillionbux.com
Oct-23-2008 04:20:36 AM

How Should We Use the Ratios? (For Example, Evaluating
Euromillionbux.com and Others)

There are two primary ways to use performance/financial ratios:

Compare a ratio's value over several periods of time (trend analysis
or time-series analysis). If we see a deteriorating trend in any
ratio's values over several quarters or years, we can investigate to
find the cause. Euromillionbux is just a few days old after luncheon,
therefore we are eliminated from this ratio because we have looked at
performances from others and me and my team have decided aggressively
to pursue the trend overlooked by the so called serious investors.

Compare the company's ratios to the industry average (cross-sectional
analysis). A single ratio value by itself usually means nothing - we
need a standard, or benchmark, to compare it to. This benchmark is
usually the industry average (i.e., the ratio's average value for all
firms in the industry). Here Euromillionbux.com can be judged with
time, performance and productivity

There are some people who believe that the industry average should not
be used - that this means that we are trying to be average (mediocre).
They advocate that we should compare our ratios to those of the
leading firm in the industry and try to match the ratios of that
company. Although this argument has a certain plausibility, it
ignores the fact that the leading firm often has strengths that others
in the industry will have trouble meeting (outstanding marketing,
superior management training programs, etc.). The industry average is
probably a more useful standard. After all, we aren't trying to match
these ratios; we are trying to exceed the average company's performance.

A Particularly Useful Technique

A company's Return On Investment (ROI) ratio is one of the most
commonly used ratios since it measures exactly what investors want to
know: how much the company is earning on every dollar/Euro/Pound that
investors put into the company. A particularly useful technique is to
conduct a DuPont analysis on the company, i.e., break down the
company's profits into the source of those profits. Do the profits
come from effective marketing techniques, strong control of costs, and
effective pricing (all highly desirable) or do they come from the
company's high use of debt (a less desirable and riskier way of
increasing profits)?

Cautions About Using Ratios

When using ratios as a form of analysis, be very careful that you
don't put more trust in them than they deserve. After all, they are
simply common sense measures with no financial theory underlying them.
In fact, ratios have significant problems associated with them that
should cause us to use them with caution:

Ratios don't prove that a problem exists or provide definite answers
to any of our questions. However they are very good at providing us
with some guidance on the future steps that our investigation should
take. In other words, a ratio analysis indicates symptoms of a
problem and focuses our attention on potential problems that deserve
our attention. But they rarely provide us with firm answers; usually,
the best that they do is tell us what key questions we need to ask.

Realize that there may be significant differences between the
characteristics of a company and the "average" firm in the industry.
For example, you may be analyzing the financial statements of a steel
manufacturer and want to compare the firm's ratios to the the industry
average. However, while primarily steel manufacturers, some of the
other firms in the industry may own their own captive finance
companies, own railroad lines for transportation of the finished
steel, and own an insurance company for diversification purposes. It
is often very difficult to honestly say that we are comparing apples
with apples when the companies in the industry have substantially
different structures and characteristics.

Always make sure that you are calculating a ratio exactly as the
industry average ratio is calculated. There are many variations on
how to calculate the various ratios. For example, if you look in
several finance textbooks, you can easily find differences in
suggested ways to calculate Return on Investment, Inventory Turnover,
and the Quick (or Acid Test) Ratio. Since we typically depend on an
outside firm (e.g., Reuters, Dun & Bradstreet, etc.) to provide us
with the values of the industry average for each ratio, we need to
ensure that the formula that we are using for a ratio is the same
formula that the industry average source is using. For example, we
may calculate the Inventory Turnover ratio as (Cost of Goods
Sold)/(Average Monthly Inventory) while the outside source calculates
it as (Annual Sales)/(Year Ending Inventory). Both versions are
commonly used.

Companies frequently don't have the same fiscal year/programes. Some
companies' fiscal year ends on December 31st, others' end on September
30th, others' end on June 30th, others work on short term programes
like Euromillionbux.com etc.. If you are depending on the year-ending
(end of the fiscal year) balance sheet's data, this date may vary
widely among firms in the same industry. This is especially true of
companies whose sales are highly seasonal. For example, two companies
who manufacture snowmobiles may have almost identical performance
numbers for the year. However, they will have vastly different
inventory and accounts receivable levels if one's year ends in June
and the other's ends in December, resulting in considerable
differences in the values of a ratio analysis.

Companies' accounting practices/operations may differ considerably.
Companies have a great deal of discretion in executing their programes
and their accounting procedures, particularly with regard to
depreciation (straight line, double declining balance, etc.) and
inventory (LIFO, FIFO, etc.). This makes comparisons more difficult
in our line of business.

Be careful about depending too much on any one ratio. A ratio
analysis is most valuable when we evaluate a number of ratios of a
certain type (liquidity, profitability, etc.) and look for a pattern
in the results.

Audited financial statements should be used whenever possible. Small
businesses' financial statements are often unaudited and may not be

Euromillionbux.com is solid with its foundation as guided with a clear
and tested vision of by Henry Fletcher.

We welcome you with an open hand extended in partnership. Lets
together realize our dreams of stable profiting in stock trading with
honesty as our watchword.
Megalido — megalido.com
Oct-23-2008 04:19:28 AM

I want to let you know that we have now moved our server into a much more powerful machine, so that we should be able to keep MegaLido's performance, the program has been growing a lot and that server upgrade was necessary in order to make sure we wouldn't have a server overload.

The website is now back online and faster than ever. I apologize if this downtime caused any inconvenience but it was necessary in order to maintain our website working as usual. It will be much easier for me and for the staff crew to work on the website, things will be a lot faster now.

Thanks for the continued support, I really appreciate it, MegaLido wouldn't have gone so fat without it. A big thanks for the ones who have been building up teams for MegaLido and for everyone who is a part of the program. There are over 10 thousand members in our family and it just keeps growing, I have huge plans for MegaLido, what you have seen so far is very little if compared to what MegaLido is going to be soon

Euromillionbux — Euromillionbux.com
Oct-23-2008 03:24:43 AM

As you do know we will always welcome every new and Old members. EuroMillionBux.Com is a new and well defined AS/HYIP site online today with very great intents for every one willing to see their online businesses through and and make a certain return on there Money. EuroMillionBux.Com is here to help our members reach a desires ROI for every penny you put into EMB.

Once again i will be Sending out Our mission statements, Sense siting and Evaluating Euromillionbux.com and what it can do for you.

Herewith is our mission statement which was initially sent out on our luncheon day.

Mission Statements

Financial trading is among the most uncertain and volatile
investments you can make in today's financial markets. With proper
decision management techniques, however, you can take advantage of
the enormous percentage swings these explosive stocks have to offer,
without putting your entire investment account at risk. Yes, inexperienced
traders get burnt every single day investing Stocks, but where
does all that cash go? The answer is simple; Smart money, Hedge
Funds, Market Making Firms, and believe it or not, Euromillionbux.com
and people just like you!

Most Wall Street firms simply do not feel it is important to dispel the
myths floating around out there about Stocks for now, and would rather
exploit these misconceptions for their own benefit. For this reason, the information super highway that allows individual investors to make their own informed and unbiased decisions remains severely compromised
when it comes to investing in Stocks. In fact, 1000’s of
Euromillionbux investment Stocks will see more active trading each day
than 1000?s of stocks listed right in your local newspaper, but for some reason they might never make it to the presses.

Thankfully, we are actively pursuing a positive change for low priced
equity traders by the dissemination of timely Micro Cap Stock Market
Analysis, Unbiased Coverage for individual stocks, and immediate
access to the same information that has been available to Blue Chip
market timers for years.
Eurowideinvest — Eurowideinvest.com
Oct-21-2008 09:49:49 PM

Many of Our Users asked us About Accept PerfectMoney Now we are Ready For Do it And You Can Make Deposit With PM and enjoy Our Program
EWI Technical TEAM
FX-Interest — FX-Interest.com ACCOUNTS RELATED update-VERY important
Oct-21-2008 08:33:29 PM

FX –I ACCOUNTS RELATED update-VERY important

October 21, 2008.

Dear Fx Member

We are confident that the new script can now be hoisted on the 22nd. (Wednesday). Shipshape? Not really because the designer template will still be delayed till the weekend. But the main operational script will be up, without the rough edges. That’s for sure.

Now for some VERY important points. This relate to your day-to-day Accounts, so please take care.

1. A few Members attempted to request reinvestments or withdrawals from their Account Balances shown on the stopgap site that you see now . These accounts have since been corrected and reconciled manually. As advised already, please do not act on the figures you find on the outgoing site, which do not reflect the updated position. The reconciled and corrected account positions can be seen on the NEW script. Should there be any issue that you feel you must tell us, please DO, without any hesitation. Kindly mail us on any correction sought, positively within the 24th ( Friday) because we would like to see all accounts straightened out at the earliest.

2. We will also have your referral profiles updated on the NEW script when we load it tomorrow.. From now on this will be fully automated. Kindly help us by checking this section and let us know if things are in place.

3. Should any Member need a statement of Account for the transition period ( 4 Oct to 23 Oct) , please tap in a request. We will oblige, within one Business day.

4. Any new transaction, like new deposits, Reinvestments, transferring funds shall for the time being run through a ratification process (to take 0 to 24 hours). This is only to assist the reconciliation process. Of course, the operative date for crediting of interest in all cases shall be the date your request was registered on our system. This is just the time we MIGHT need to recheck!!

5. We are not expecting withdrawals to feel any pinch of the ongoing exercise. Even if they do, the delay will be insignificant. We are sure our Members would not mind.

6. On the new script, the Cycle ( day) of a deposit will change from 00 GMT to 00 GMT . This will replace the previous cycle of deposits maturing at the time the deposit or reinvestment was actually made during the day. So please initiate any action on a deposit maturing in your account, only on completion of the day.

7. Please ask us in advance for a “HOW TO”, before you deposit through Moneybookers, Bank Wire, Western Union or Neteller. Do mail us, or issue a support ticket, and we will stick our neck out to help you in!!!!!!

For any related query, please mail, or phone us…OR use your very own FORUM!!!

For us every question you pose adds up to our perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With regards,

The Fx-Interest Administrator
Sensitising Euromillionbux.com (Officially Launched)
Oct-21-2008 08:29:07 PM

I Like to Welcome every One here once Again Both New and Old members if you are new Please try to read the news Page to get Constant Updates of EMB's articles or any Informations sent out to all members Via email .

The fact that you’re here is proof enough that you’re finally ready to
throw off the shackles of lack of decisive decisions and start your
new life earning a part or full-time income from the comfort of your
own home with the expertise attached to Euromillionbux.com aggressive
marketing strategy. This is a REAL business you own and run at your
will and it will produce you passive income like nothing else on the

Let’s first take a look at the reasons why been held back by
indecisions and lack of information, isn’t for you based on what Henry
Fletcher is presenting at Euromillionbux.com

You don’t want to be bossed around.
You don’t want to commute for hours.
You don’t want anything that requires a huge investment.
And you certainly don’t want anything that requires months, if not
years of training before executing.

Am I right? OK so let’s think about what you do want?

You do want to invest at your will and watch your finance grow rapidly
You do want a business you can operate at your time, anywhere
including your own home.
You do want a business that you can take pride in.
You do want to enjoy yourself.
You do want guaranteed profit with a profession and tested investor as
your guide
You do want to earn enough money to take care of yourself, your family
and issues.
Last but certainly not the least, you do want to start earning money

If you found yourself agreeing with any of the last 7 statements then
I can safely say that you needn’t look any further for an investor's
investor. You have found a home in EUROMILLIONBUX.COM and this is
guaranteed to put you on the highway to success, not only showing you
the road to take, but also adding some rocket fuel to your tank and
launching you down a path of full bank accounts and worry free living.

Thank you For Using EuroMillionBux.com Your Gate way to an Endless Profits..

12dailyforever — 12dailyforever.com
Oct-21-2008 03:57:32 PM

This site is doing very good both in payout, upgrade and membership but I am not happy with few of my members that are cheating my script for some time now, I try to warn them about it but I was not respected. I expect my members to read my FAQ and Agreement before they join this site and from today I will start a general clean up on the site and sorry to say that the cheaters will have to leave the program.

FAQ Question: May I open several accounts in your program?
No. If we find that one member has more that one account, the entire funds will be frozen and your account will be deleted.

Some members created more than 1 account some created 8 accounts and where referring them self and collecting 6% referral commission on each account. Please calculate 6% times 8 accounts = 48% they earn from this way of scam. You all know I have been very fair and honest with my members and you all can testify to that. The maximum upgrade is 12000$ so why open 2-3-4 account when you even have less amount on them. You just did this because of the referral commission. Please the below IDs are out of this program for their cheat

ID- 6, 7, 11, 12 From IP
ID- 114, 529
ID- 16,196,384,596,622,1099,1196,1555
ID- 22,24
ID- 27, 785, 963, 1275, 1631, 1739

We have many of this same issue of cheaters, they know them self, I can’t copy all to this message but definitely they are out of this program. I know they will try to mention us as scam but my members know I am not and have done mostly everything in my power to assist my members.

Thanks for your understanding; we have to do what we have to do to keep the program going.

Finally, I will be taking 5days off with my Family , all pending payout will wait till am back, do not be scared, my partner will be handling the support email and every other help you need except payout because I handle the financial aspect my self .

Thanks for your understanding and good support to your admin.

Mygoldvault — Mygoldvault.com
Oct-17-2008 04:47:46 AM

The site is down and may be down for a couple days. I have absolutely no control over this issue and i have been assured we will be back. There is some things going on behind the scenes that i just can't do anything about it but you should all no soon enough i figure. I will keep you updated as i find out more. Please check back regularly for updates.
Aggeroinvestment — Aggeroinvestment.com
Oct-16-2008 03:40:47 PM

This is just to let you all know that funding via StrictPay and AlertPay are now accepted. Many of you already used AlertPay since we started using it two days ago. My programmer is also currently working on the instant autopay feature for StrictPay. It will be ready by the time you request a payment using that processor.

So now, you already have 5 options to upgrade your account. Enough reason to try us if you still haven't.

Thank you very much!
10DailyPro — 10DailyPro.com
Oct-16-2008 03:38:44 PM

10DailyPro continues to grow daily. I wanted to let everyone know that we now accept STP (SolidTrustPay). Make sure if you upgrade using STP that you add it to your profile by clicking on Change My Password at the bottom. There should then be the option for you to add your payment details for STP.

Payday will be coming up soon.

T (Admin)
MutualForexFund — MutualForexFund.com
Oct-15-2008 10:47:22 PM

Hello to all of our new co-workers, business partners and friends. We are so excited and honored to have each and every one of you as a part of our team. We can not tell you how thrilled we are to have such devoted and passionate members.

Well, we've had a very busy and exciting first month here at the Mutual Forex Fund office. We’ve experienced phenomenal growth that far exceeded our expectations. Members are flocking to Mutual Forex Fund from all around the world. We want to welcome each and every one of our new members.

Today, StrictPay has been integrated into our site. Our account with StrictPay has been verified and allows us to process your StrictPay investment and withdrawal transactions. We have really enjoyed doing business with StrictPay. Currently we are accepting investments via US ACH, Bank Wires and Virtual Money Card through StrictPay.

We are very well prepared for the long journey ahead. The Mutual Forex Fund staff is working diligently around the clock to take care of any problems you may have. We want to build a strong reputation in online investments industry that our members can trust. We have some exciting announcements coming very soon. We’re coming out with a FOREX course and contest next week, so make sure you keep up with all the latest updates.

If you want to find more about us feel free to check the two interviews we answered till now. More are scheduled.


Thank you for choosing Mutual Forex Fund,
Martin Fanning

Mutual Forex INC
Suite 9, Ansuya Estate
Revolution Ave, Victoria
Republic of Seychelles
12dailyforever — 12dailyforever.com
Oct-15-2008 07:13:43 PM

We write to apologise for the down-time some of our members are experiencing, this is due to a change on Host Company, we have to change because the LR deposit are not showing on members account and its a very difficult task to do it manually.

All missed surfing for this period will be credited to members account. Take some time and cast a vote for us in one of the below forums/monitors till be are back.


Thanks for your understanding and good support for this program from day one and please don’t forget you can chat with your admin directly on Yahoo messenger ID: richardlunor_12dailyforever.

Your Admin

LT-plan — LT-plan.com
Oct-15-2008 07:11:49 PM

I'd like to remember to all of you that i have a full secured automatic upgrade system that i wrote myself.

By the way, i manually verify EACH upgrade in my currencies accounts despite of the message i receive (or not) from them and from my script.

I remember you that if any member tries to cheat the system, i will know it automatically and i'll delete account and blacklist IP in the same time (member #597, this is particulary for you but i won't delete your account as i consider your fake upgrade as an 'error' from you... No comment...)

Cashouts are manually verified too and i survey how high each member ROI is. If i see a too high ROI, i deeply investigate the trasactions for this account. If there is a cheat (but script I made is against that), i'll delete account upgraded or not, in profit or not.

I'm honest, be honest too.

Have a wonderfull day on our board ;)

LT-Plan Captain !
Tradersinvestments — Tradersinvestments.com
Oct-15-2008 07:10:16 PM

Maybe you've noticed that we had a little downtime today. Our site was under attack but thanks to our host (ddoswiz), site was back online within maximum half an hour. As you see it's very important to have a good anti-ddos hosting who's also offering good support on YM.
Thanks again to my host for this and thank you (our members) too for your constant support. Our site is doing great and keep growing. It seems that our contest will have good results. I can't wait to see who'll be the winner :)

Tradersgroupinternational — Tradersgroupinternational.com
Oct-14-2008 04:43:25 PM

Following all the Problems with Altergold, we have suspended this payment processor until they clean up their act, and are fully functional again. All members with Altergold accounts can withdraw their earnings with Liberty Reserve. We also will be looking for another payment processor to offer you a variable. We will post this as soon as we make a decision.
FX-Interest — FX-Interest.com
Oct-10-2008 09:48:48 PM



Dear Fx- I member,
We have experimented with the new site today ( October 10th , 2008) .
In the process of transferring the large database to the new system, we have unfortunately experienced slower than usual processing times, which have caused some unexpected delays.
However, to avoid any further overrun, we have decided to up the site on Sunday Oct 12. We can say this is also in partial response to the flurry of deposit and reinvestment requests flooding our inbox. We wholeheartedly agree.
You are entitled to plan your savings the way you want. We believe that in money matters, every day counts. Therefore the site will be run, even as the paint on the walls waits to dry. One of the things that will be left unfinished for another week or so is the final design template that we have planned for the site. That’s a pity, but we can’t help.
So please keep track of the changes.



Inactive members ( i.e members without deposits) will have to sign up again on the new site. They shall be assigned fresh username and password.

All active Members will have their NEW passwords mailed to them BY THE 12TH OF OCTOBER. You have nothing else to do but sign in with your new PWs. If you do not receive your new PW before the 13th, please issue an email or generate a support ticket.


Kindly view your account area and let us know if everything is in place. We have spared no pains to record your earnings and withdrawals from where we left off on the 3rd of October. We are sure that your account information will be current and consistent, but should there be any doubts please let us hear. For your friends and relatives who have been waiting to sign up, please convey our message.

Once we load the final template, we would welcome your views on the Forum. Do write in, please.

We thank every individual Member for his or her patience and understanding during this time.

With best regards
The Fx-Interest Administrator
Residual ForexIncome — ResidualForexIncome.Com — ResidualForexIncome.biz
Oct-10-2008 08:15:56 PM

We continue providing you with our weekly newsletters which contain the most latest and useful tips to be remembered. This helps us to maintain closer relationship with our members as well as our members have a chance to stay updated. So, here is what we would like you to know this week:

1. The sirst one and the most important thing is 20 ACTIVE DAYS FREE MEMBERSHIP TIME LIMIT. In other words you are free to hold free account within 20 business days only. If for any reason you are not going to make any deposit just let us know. People who are interested in cooperation with RFI have already contacted us to prelong their membership so that they have more time to deposit. Just for example: members who registered their accounts before 09/22/2008 have 7 active days left to make deposit. If they wish of course.

2. Unfortunately some members tend not to read our faq and news section carefully. Thus kindly be informed once again that :

Earnings for a certain day is always credited on the next day i.e. your earnings for Monday will be credited on Tuesday and so on. Its normal money management in trading practice.
Saturday and Sunday are days off. Also its all about trading practice. If anyone claims to pay on weekends he is definetely not connected with trades.
Why do we credit $0 in earnings history for weekends? We work with different sort of clienture. For some "big" clients we work our specific concept to manage their investment. Thus in some cases there are bonuses/additional payments we have to credit on weekends.

3. We are about to celebrate our 2nd month online. You will be pleasantly excited by some special updates and surprisingly interesting offers dedicated to this event. Stay tuned!

Thanks for staying with RFI. If you have something to ask never hesitate to contact us anytime. We are always glad to help you solve problems and advice if possible.

best regards

ResidualForexIncome Team
Aggeroinvestment — Aggeroinvestment.com
Oct-10-2008 07:42:15 PM

Good day to all of you! I hope this email reaches you in great health and in good spirits.

Weekend is almost upon us, time again for another Aggero newsletter. Our program is on its 7th week now. Pretty soon, we will be celebrating our second month anniversary. Many things have already happened, many members have already been paid, and many people are starting to see our potential. More good things are still in store, just wait and see.

A few changes happened this week (and some updates), mainly:

1. Our site was re-formatted with new colors, a new header, 3 rate images and new banners. No more yellow and green, our motif now are different shades of blue. That also includes the banner advertisements scattered althroughout the site.

2. Our rates changed for the better. Previously it was 7.5%-8.0% depending if you surfed or not. Now it is 7.0% if you didn not surf and 8.5% if you surfed. This was done because we'd rather give a few more percentage to those who actually view our sites everyday. Remember that we are an advertising company. Soon, many advertisers will use our site to advertise their ads, and we want to make sure that they are getting their money's worth. And we can only do this by making sure that we are actually looking at their ads.

3. Speaking of advertisers, we will be adding a few of them in the coming weeks. I've already added one of them and you can easily see it on the page peel and banners throughout the site. If you get the chance, click on them and see what they have to offer. They will generate money for our site.

4. All payments are paid and on time. Our outside investments are generating us enough money to keep the site going even with the higher rate. My wife did all the math and she said we should be safe. I talked to her about getting it all the way to 9.0% if you surf, but she said we will see how our funds hold up until the end of this month, hopefully by our second month anniversary.

5. This coming week, look for our banner to be promoted at MMG. I am in talks with their advertising group right now to see how we can maximize our promotional efforts and generate a lot of potential members.

6. I would like to thank all those members who got paid and posted at all major public forums (MMG, TG, DTM, etc.). That's the only thing I ask of you, please post that you got paid. It will go a long way to promote our site. I am not going to ask you to vote on any monitors, ever. That is at your discretion.

7. Can you translate English to Spanish? Then contact me, I might have a job for you.

Remember that each one of you matter to me. I am doing this so in my own small way, I know that I am helping people and trying to affect them positively.

Blessings and regards,
GeniusFunds — GeniusFunds.com
Oct-9-2008 10:57:36 PM

I am very pleased to inform you that the first major update is here. We have implemented a new payment processor -
u-GotCash. u-GotCash accounts can be funded via direct ACH debit, bank counter deposits and international bank transfers.
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