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Adclickxpress.com SCAM report form

Adclickxpress.com Realizing the problem of the so called "selective payments", we strongly wish to help our members. If you are a victim of Adclickxpress then fill form below, provide your Email, Login and Password for your account on this program.
If program is gone completely and / or blacklisted here (have a status : SCAM, Problem, Stay Away ) , the form will be turned off / disabled. If so please, DO NOT contact us, we can't help to recovering money, there is no one may help you if program is gone, be ware anyone who promised to do so, are scammer.
We just try to help You in a case of so called "selective payments"... we will check your account and this program will get the "STAY AWAY" status immediately if you haven't been paid. We will also contact this problematic program regarding your problem, sometimes it helps...

Well ... current program Status: NOT PAID sorry, this program already blacklisted or for some else reason we believe it's useless to contact program admin regarding payments problem.

“ Scam Report form ” is disabled.
If you wish to complain formally against of Adclickxpress do it here, please.



Is Adclickxpress.com a SCAM?

Formal scam reports and bad comments against of Adclickxpress in the past :

Very Bad 142.163.81.xxx xxxxx@gmail.com Feb 22nd, 2015 10:41 AM
comment ACX is most definitely a HUGE SCAM! These people are not to be trusted. Even the few remaining support staff are NOT being paid on a regular basis. There are also cases of staff members being threatened. Pay no attention to the out rite lies in the slick emails and promotional material. YOU WILL LOOSE OUT!
Very Bad 87.210.127.xxx xxxxx@gmail.com Nov 11th, 2013 07:30 PM
comment Adclickxpress formerly JustBeenPaid... & Profitclicking... has scam many ex members big time new members get a new website and company name and the scam continues i have made money with this program since 2010 but somewhere end 2011 it has never been the same , i have 30K in my wallet from JustBeenPaid... & Profitclicking... and they ask me to put new fresh money in Adclickxpress ? now i cant do anything with my money and they have done this twice in a row so you are warned about the fact they cant pay all that dollars you make they just change policy and company name and take the website traffic with them evil bastards
Very Bad 174.31.163.xxx xxxxx@centurylink.net Jul 23rd, 2013 03:42 AM
comment AdClick is a total scam ... they ripped me off for two years of work in Profitclicking.
Very Bad 82.168.129.xxx xxxxx@mail.com Jul 15th, 2013 10:48 PM
comment BIG SCAM! I've been a member since JBP migrated to Profitclicking, build my aount more dan 1,5 years to about 50 dollar a day with 400 adpacks and also packages in premium. they took al my money with the profitshift and i never get one dime out of this program!!!! so stay way!!!!!!!
Very Bad 2.83.246.xxx xxxxx@hotmail.com Jun 22nd, 2013 01:12 PM
comment Profitclicking was converted in this for try scam more users, you are never able to return your full investiment, the max that i was able to return was 130$ in 220$ in 1 year, they took from me over 500$ made in the problem and millions from other users...

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up to 3000 satoshis every 20 min
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